Thursday, March 23, 2023


I've never taken this kind of a break from blogland before and I do hope to catch up with all of you soon.

I've been writing and submitting and re-editing and editing again and then feeling like a schlump some days for even thinking I can do it and then other days feeling on top of it all. Sharing with other writers, I understand that this is entirely normal. We waiver madly between thinking what a wonderful piece and in the next hour thinking this is absolutely appalling dreck. 

Needless to mention I have missed you all, I've been blogging and reading fellow bloggers for yonks now and it was hard to pull away but knowing myself, I can't go down the deep dark worm-holes of the web if I am committed to other projects. I am a screen sucker. There, I've admitted it again.

I've also been piecing together an anthology volume two for my writers' group. We sold out two editions of the last one and are hoping for similar success this time. I have a bunch of enthusiastic and committed writers and they inspire me in so many ways. We are a very tight group now and that is lovely.

My family has been planning a major event for me for my upcoming significant birthday but more on that later.

Organ Recital

My health continues to improve and my gratitude knows no bounds. I honestly was at death's door only a year ago. And to come to this re-installation of my life Version 4 or 5 (I've lost track) overwhelms me. I'm on a new kidney drug and it's doing wonders. I'm actually building up stamina in my walking. This from a person who couldn't even cross her own living room without needing massive gulps of air and a lie-down this time last year.

We've had a lot, a whole lot of snow. This is a photo I took just down the road from my home with the frozen lake.

One of the best books I've read this year (there have been a few)

And one of my favourite films (and again, there have been many more) for  the multiple layers of story telling in it and the brilliant acting.

And yes, I saw most of the Oscar nominated films but did not, by a long shot, agree with the best film award.

And I was positively thrilled to go to a real live theatre for the first time in three whole years. Though I am still cautious and play it safe (masking, sanitizer) as Covid is not leaving us anytime soon and our cases out here on The Edge are dismaying and the deaths so far this year from it are appalling.

I try not to think of the state of our sad and sorry planet that seems to shed a little more hope off herself every single day. Climate change alone not to mention the wars and the starvation of countless millions. It's all kind of hopeless isn't it?

I guess we should all be more like the late unlamented Barbara Bush who tossed all concern about her son's unwarranted and brutal invasion of Iraq out of the window with:

"Why should we hear about body bags and deaths? It's not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?"

And no, Barbara you did not have a beautiful mind. Your cesspool of a mind begat another cesspool with no conscience or ethics or morals.

And the truths are now pouring out about that twenty years ago invasion now. And it's all pretty appalling and sickening.

Twenty Years Later.


  1. Welcome back (and with such a wide ranging post too). I am so pleased that your health continues to improve, and that you have been continuing to write and edit.
    Body bags and death ARE relevant to any war. And should not be ignored/dismissed. I am furious at that statement, and the woman has plummeted down in my estimation - which wasn't high to begin with.

  2. Yellow Shoes ( formerly Anne Brew )Thu Mar 23, 02:55:00 PM GMT-2:30

    I check on you regularly; lovely to see you back in such good fettle.
    I found details of Banshees annoying! Thatch that looked more Cotswold than Aran - a fully fashioned collared red jumper worn by Colin Farrell that stopped me in my tracks for it’s unlikely-ness!
    Yes I’m Yellow Shoes now Mary, thanks to a persistent scammer and advice from a “techy” friend to make myself less identifiable. X

  3. Good to hear you are doing so well.
    How I wish the words 'post pandemic' could cease to be used. We are not post at all. A neighbour's younger brother died from Covid a couple of weeks ago.
    How can we judge the actions of politicians at the time when they openly lie to us and the media fails to hold them to account for their words at the time. I think many are wiser now for the Iraq debacle where we were blatantly lied to and boy, aren't we a whole lot more cynical than what we were.

  4. To quote a meme I read some time ago " 'once Covid is over' is starting to sound a lot like 'when I win lotto' " Good to have you back and may your health continue to improve. I enjoyed Lessons In Chemistry, but it isn't a book I will read over and over.

  5. Nice to know you are still among the living and doing well!

  6. Welcome back. I suspect you'll find Blogland to be very much the same old, while you've changed. Just like when returning home from travelling. Good! to hear good news of your health!

  7. welcome back! I'm so pleased you have downloaded an updated version and are enjoying it :)
    I saw Banshees of Inisherin and I recognise the value in it but it was a depressing thing for a Saturday afternoon.
    I had no idea the costumes were inaccurate and just enjoyed the lovely colours and fibres

  8. Welcome back, you've been missed, and such good news of your improved health. Take good care . . .

  9. Glad to know your health is improving by leaps and bounds. As you say, you were in pretty bad shape just a year ago. But sorry to hear covid is still a major problem where you are.
    We went to see Jonathan Porritt talking about climate breakdown yesterday and he was trying to be a bit upbeat about the future. He mentioned Rebecca Solnit, who likes the idea of renunciation, meaning renouncing all those things that are bad for the planet and don't do us much good, like owning cars.

    1. Wealthy people are always thinking of the things poor people should give up because we're making the planet sick. Emma

  10. RoisinNY here. Unbelievable! Ignorant and stupid statement from BB. May have something to do with being wealthy, entitled, and insulated from humanity. I also enjoyed Lessons in Chemistry. Slainte agus failte romhat !

    1. She was referring to the media hype ypical to get people all whipped up. Not the actual situation but the media trying to create frnezy around the situation. Not a comment supporting BB here from me, but a comment understanding media created frenzy. She was being dismissive of media. Emma

  11. Hi WWW, glad you’re blogging again. My computer is dying a slow death so I have not blogged in a while. Bought a new computer but it sits unused because I have not configured it yet because I am still quite ill and have neither the mental bandwidth or physical stamina for it. So glad your health has improved! Great news!

  12. So glad your health has improved! Great news!


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