Wednesday, June 07, 2023

That was the week that was.

Often, I feel I have nothing to write about. Ever feel that way? So this week I got notice that my driver's licence was renewed. This after an intense medical as I turn 80 in August. My doc submitted all the forms with a few reservations (my congestive heart failure, my barely there kidney performance). My right eye after one procedure is just about blind but when she did the eye-test I was able to look sideways with it and read the chart.

I admit I cried when I saw the approval. I was prepared for the worst, I always do, adapting and adjusting mentally to losing the old licence after 62 years of driving - accident free I should add, which has now jinxed that because I wrote it here. I've always loved driving and for many years drove across country when I lived part time in Newfoundland and worked in Ontario.

Grandgirl sent me this when I shared the news of my driver's licence renewal

I'm struggling along on a 1000 calorie a day diet (try it, it's hard) as I would like to lose poundage to ease the load on my heart and kidneys. 1000 calories a day forces me to eat healthy and avoid any kind of snacks. At my age, the metabolism slows and it's hard to lose and so much easier to gain with a sliver here or there of something delectable.

I managed to get out for a bit of a hike with a very supportive friend. I hike along in fits and starts with George, my trusty cane. Glad to be out there when so many seem to be confined lately.

This is the lake in the city not far from where I live and I never knew it was there as it's hidden away. It's beautifully laid out with many benches along the way for a quick little rest up.

It's home to rare birds that get blown off course here by the winds, one of which is the mandarin duck. Isn't he just gorgeous?


My friend Lana is deteriorating more with Alzheimer's. A call during the week broke my heart as she was in a panic as she didn't recognize where she lived or what she was doing there and wanted to get out. I calmed her down after a while.

All of the above makes me so very grateful for what I have and what I'm doing. And, well, just being. A mighty "just". Being.


  1. There is nothing 'just' about being. Some days it is an ordeal and others a joy.
    I am thrilled about your driving license renewal and about finding that new to you haven to walk (or sit) in.. And yes the mandarin duck is indeed gorgeous.

  2. It appears to be a nice placid lake. Mandarin ducks have amazing colours. I anyone is at all interested in nutrition, I noted England does larger print nutrition information on packaging than is done here. How many calories and the suggested daily intake on products right out there.

  3. Three cheers for retaining a licence!!!
    and the duck is gorgeous

  4. Keeping the old license is wonderful. Excellent. Do you intend to continue driving, and maintaining insurance? The walk you found is equally wonderful. I would give a lot for such access.
    The duck is beautiful.

  5. So glad to hear the good news about the driver's license. I'm hoping mine will automatically renew in 2 years. I had to go in for eye exam, written test, and new photo 3 years ago. All went well and I got the best driver's license photo EVER.

  6. The lake view is lovely as is the duck. I try to eat less and most days manage without lunch if I eat breakfast late enough. I would be terrified to drive without full vision, but then I have never driven anyway. You have done so for many years and I applaud your confidence in continuing.

  7. That duck looks almost spray painted ;) It sounds like a great place for walking and sitting; Gratz on the lisence reneval.

  8. I made 80 this year and totally understand the weight thing esp after years of running, being slender, dancing etc. Definitely slowing down has added the pounds. But no mention of the smoke in your area. The news from Canada and the NY isn't good. It did not look like it impacted your nice hike at all.

  9. Congratulations on retaining your driver's license. It really is the key to freedom, isn't it? Even if the car sits for days on end without being used it's a comfort to know that it's there if you need it. I have seen Mandarin Duck in a couple of different countries and it arguably is the most spectacular duck of all. I have a book devoted to just two species - Mandarin and Wood Duck - two beauties of ever there were. Good luck with maintaining your diet. It must be tough.

  10. Wow. I hope you can keep going happily and that your 1000 per day works well. Love the photos and grandgirl;s humor.

  11. Wow, that is some duck! Cool.
    1000 calories a day isn't much. Don't waste away to nuthin'!
    I too often feel I have nothing to say/write. All the time. Once I get started, I can ramble ... but is it worth saying? Just sayin'.
    Sorry to hear Lana was having a rough day. Being able to talk her off the ledge is a skill, missy.
    So great that you'll have your licence for the next -how many?- years. Relying on your chauffeur James all the time would just cramp your style, an independent woman like you. xoxo Kate

  12. Glad to hear your driving licence was renewed. Renewal is absurdly easy in NI, I don't even have to see a doctor, I only have to declare that I'm fit to drive and that's that. Nice lake, and a lovely mandarin duck.


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