Friday, May 26, 2023


I have to roll my life around days of energy and days of lack of it, the unpredictability of it all drives me mad. Plans get shoved aside. This does not suit this former Type A personality of mine.

Pain is also up and down. Today I took two doses of pain killers with a shrug and a WTF. I despise pain killers, that buzzy wuzzy feeling does not suit me. But my energy for the day is fairly even and not in the dumps. So these small mercies I am so grateful for. It is only in the shortfall of things we normally take for granted that we recognize with joy a taste of their re-emergence.

Grandgirl is now living in Paris. She and her partner visited the grave of Van Gogh and sent me this beautiful postcard and mentioned how much I would have loved the town and place he was born in.

I am so glad we are a postcard sending family. When I am out of town I send many. And even throughout the year if I see one that is interesting. I think the internet has stolen that beautiful tradition for far too many.

She also sent me a photo of what she sees when she looks out the window from her desk.

Living the dream, indeed.

In the absence of pets in this pet free building (why, oh why?) I concentrate on my plants and yes, of course, talking to them.

These started as tiny babies given to me by Daughter when I moved in. I had a massive repotting recently on a good energy day.

And my African Violets (how I love them!) sit on my windowsill and take turns in blooming. 

That white you see outside is dense fog. I woke up to it this morning. I'm one of those weirdos who loves the fog and the foghorns which I am hearing right now. Warning all the ships and boats out at sea to be careful. Though I am sure radar has made all the difference.


  1. What a view! and the postcard is lovely. Postcards seem to have disappeared here in Australia too, they're very hard to find if I want to send some. I like fog as long as I don't have to be out in it, I like to see where I am going.

  2. I also love fog.
    Love your grandgirl's view - and the view from your window. I am not good with indoor plants and admire yours.
    As River said, postcards are hard to find here now. Sigh.
    Lack of energy and pain are such sucky beasts. I hope next week is much better.

  3. That is quite a tower view in Paris. When we stayed in Barcelona a few years ago, it was a total surprise to us that we had a great view of Sagrada Familia from our very nice and inexpensive apartment.
    Fog, I love it...unless it delays my plane.
    Could a more responsible person be found that the older owner of cat or small dog? That is a very bad policy in your building.
    My sister lives near the narrow entrance to our bay where large ships travel through and there are lighthouses nearby. The closest has an alarm to alert anyone nearby that the fog horn is about to sound.

  4. Me too! love fog, also postcards and am sad to see them so seldom. Your granddaughter is indeed living the dream, how wonderful for her and for you as well to keep up with her life.
    Take care,

  5. I too enjoy postcards and will send one if an address is forthcoming. I also love fog and Paris grabbed my young girl heart long ago;.

  6. I also dislike painkillers and that buzzy wuzzy feeling you mention. I'd rather endure a bit of pain and still have my wits about me. Yes, it must be frustrating that you can't predict your energy levels from day to day. I must admit I don't bother with postcards any more. I think I decided that after we sent some postcards from Spain and they took 2 months to arrive!

  7. You know, I always used to send postcards, and I should resume the tradition. I can't think of any reason why I actually stopped doing it, and I know that the recipients always enjoyed them. It's a personal touch in an increasingly impersonal world. Thanks for reminding me. David xo

  8. Oh, I hear you on. the energy thing. I get up in the mornings, ready to start my day, which I do. I keep going for as long as possible, and then, like now at 4:18, I am tired and sitting here on the couch, reading others' posts. I would like to write a blog post or work on a list of directions for our upcoming house sitter, but my brain isn't sharp enough to do so. I'm saving the energy I have to fix dinner.

  9. I too am sorry to see that tradition of postcard sending pushed aside by the internet. Ditto for birthday cards. I hope you have more good days than bad, though you are correct in saying that the bad ones remind us to appreciate the good ones!

  10. I'm always so happy when you update! xoxo Kate

  11. People just love to receive a card so i try to send them now and again but postcards dropped off my radar. Facebook shares a photo with everyone in seconds so we forget things like post cards.
    I especially like the African Violet. My mum used to have a windowsill full of them

  12. I bought TWO postcards yesterday. Mine are Birds of Canada, in colour. Gorgeous. The thing about postcards and mail though, is getting to the post office or anywhere to buy stamps, mail. Really only works if you have a car. I have to figure this out. LIFE seems only to work if you have a car. Emma

  13. Lovely views, yours and grandgirls alike. I hope for better.less painful times ahead for you!

  14. Well I don't know who has stolen what but the card I bought was $3 and it will be another $2+ to mail it. Emma

  15. My favorite sound is that of a train whistle approaching an intersection, the train emerging from out of the woods and thundering past, shaking the house, and then rushing away with its thunder disappearing in a Doppler-modulated way. My beloved grandmother's cottage sat so close to railroad tracks that it certainly wouldn't have been permitted if it had been built today. Hearing that sound in the night meant I was at her house. That's my substitute for a fog horn.


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