Sunday, December 24, 2023

Christmas Eve

I am mindful of those who stand apart from all the celebratory jollies. I know far too many who have lost beloveds this past year or have other struggles and I know how it feels having gone through a few sad Christmases myself.

A mixed bag here as the silly season gets under way. I hear from many scattered friends and acquaintances at this time. Jacquie Lawson cards. poems from fellow tenants in my building slipped under my door, long emails from those abroad, cards, a book from my sister which has a particular resonance, a knock on the door from a friend bearing a large bag of assorted gifts which will await an opening on Christmas Day.

I get far more out of giving gifts than receiving them. I was lucky in that a friend, a very talented artist, did some delightful oil paintings this past year and I believe in supporting the arts and then endowing members of my family with her talent. I forgot to take pics before I wrapped them but hope to do so once they open them.

My seasonal section in my home, which are normally my knitting shelves:

It might all look very sloppy to you but I always buy a large selection of tea towels before Christmas and wrap gifts in them. Cuts back on waste and who can't use a luscious new tea towel? We mainly exchange books as we are all mad readers. We celebrate Jokabokaflod

You may wonder what this item below is. I can assure you it's made all the difference to my life.

It's a set of (USB rechargeable) lights that I wear around my neck when in poorly lit places so I can either knit or read. Recently I was waiting in the gym area beside the laundry room which has lighting in all the wrong places and I was able to sit and knit to my heart's content. I am so in love with this incredible invention I bought 3 more for relatives and a friend. 3 lighting intensities too. 

I worked on this with the benefit of this lighting, I have one now complete and started another. Next I'll be knitting socks while waiting for the machines.

Small wee joys. Who can beat them?

And with that, I wish you all small wee joys. The big ones are elusive. Collect the small ones.


  1. Christmas is a difficult time for so many people. For a multitude of reasons. A difficult and an isolating time.
    I love your tea towel idea, and may take it on next year.
    Hooray for the small joys. A light in sometimes very dark places.
    And speaking of light, your round the neck lights are genius.
    I hope your day/season is bursting with small joys.

  2. Small wee joys are the best and all that I seek any more.

  3. Season's greetings to you. May your small joys accumulate.

  4. Merry Christmas! I may use the teatowel gift wrapping idea next year, I know a few people who could use more teatowels.

  5. The neck lights are intriguing, I've never seen them before. Yes, many of us busy enjoying Christmas tend to forget those whose Christmas isn't so cheerful for one reason or another.

  6. Happy Christmas, WWW! Bought myself a neck light (in purple) this year when I discovered how much I like to knit socks. So handy for many hands free tasks.

  7. Wishing you a good year ahead and a happy day. The neck light is a great idea and I love your knitting shelf!

  8. When I looked to buy some of those little magic lights, none were available online! I must look again, as I'd get so much use out of them. Thanks for the reminder.
    My sister Joan (JoanCarolineArt) has designed the art for the fabric to make dishtowels, and some of them are just lovely. My fingers are crossed that I can lay hands on at least one set.
    Love to you, Lady M.

  9. May you small joys all come together to make a fair sized one. I wish you all the blessings of Christmas.

  10. Jokabokaflod with new tea towels! sounds even better.
    The lights remind me of a checkout operator at my local shops who wears a round the neck fan contraption. Same but different!
    I hope you had a lovely time

  11. Hi WWW, I'm happy to hear you are still as busy as ever. All good wishes for 2024.

  12. Thank you all for the comments. It's been a little over-busy but things are settling down a bit now. My soothing grandgirl is coming back tonight to spend time. Lovely to see you on here RJA!!!
    Every good wish for 2024 to all my blogmate gang! I don't know what I'd do without all of you!
    Big love to all!

  13. We don't do gifts to each other, haven't in years. I do love the idea of using tea towels!!!
    That pink light thingy is genius!
    I am using up my wool stash, before I buy anymore. Ditto for my embroidery stash! Ditto for my painting projects!


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