Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Well that seems to be the magic number that keeps popping into my consciousness lately. 10,000: it sounds like a lot of anything, doesn't it.

Firstly, I saw it in a health and get well type e-magazine. 10,000 steps a day to health and a positive outlook.

I did some further checking, how much mileage would 10,000 steps cover? It turns out to be around 5 miles, more or less, depending on the length of the stride. And how many calories would that burn? Around 600: Your lunch or a good breakfast. How hard is it to walk 5 miles a day? Well, it's not that bad but you have to map out the time for it. Make it a priority.

And I have, and it's astonishing the sense of well-being I have after a few weeks of this daily 10,000 steps. I actually look forward to the time and get to see and hear my neighbourhood at different hours of the day and night. Not the safest of neighbourhoods, but what is these days. Gentle police on patrol have stopped and said 'be careful' but my dog is insurance, I feel. Only one semi-nasty encounter with a lout and his unleashed dog. (Ever noticed how the owners of unleashed dogs never ever poop-scoop?)

10,000 hours of writing practice was the time given to become a successful writer. Anyone, they said, could become a highly proficient writer with 10,000 hours of practice. I've been writing since I could - 5 or 6 years old. 10,000 hours of it are hard to grasp. At 8 hours per day and clicking these numbers along on the e-calculator that translates (with vacation time) at about 4 years of steady writing. Does school work count? Probably not. Even now (and my output is not dismal), I write about 10 hours week. Not intensive enough by a long shot.

But it sure gives me a lot to think about in the creation of a fulfilling life.

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