Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Mixed Bag

Random thoughts on plastic surgery.

How good is Youtube? Like Google but with sight and sound.
I checked on a few oldies like Dick Cavett and a new show came up and I was surprised as Dick Cavett traded in his perfectly good face for a strange shiny tight one. Sad. Why are we so afraid of aging? As if we can keep death at bay by eliminating our wrinkles and our well-earned greys. All that botox and plastic surgery removes our very characters. The twinkle in our eyes, the softness of the cheeks. We are left with a replica, I think of Lucille Ball and her rigid cheeks and the lips of a drug-addled ho. Joan Rivers in her death mask. Awful Regis Philbin's immobility. Expressionless Tussaud wax dummies.

And on manifesting what we become.
I think of former mayor of Toronto, Mel Lastman and how many, many years ago he named his chain of appliance stores "Bad Boy". And he actually was one. He fathered two children by his mistress, unbeknownest to his wife, and then refused to support them until they came after him years later and established paternity. Bad Boy. Indeed.

And the ongoing saga of US politics

How obfuscating is the Foley:Page Predator business to the real news of liars in power and Kissinger (Mr. Crimes against Humanity himself) actually puppeteering Cheney and this madness of war and greed and torture.

How perverted they all are, all criminals from the top down. Comedy Central but for the needless deaths and suffering they are causing.

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