Thursday, October 12, 2006

Random Remarks

I walk past a billboard on the trail, something advertising James Woods in a TV something, a TV being something I rarely if ever watch. And I think, did James Woods ever imagine a day when one could see every crater on his face, every wrinkle around his eyes, every groove along his cheekbones, every sad, sorry, thinning hair like pencil lines on a pink notebook? We were not meant to see this utterly imbecilic magnification of ourselves. It is TMI as my granddaughter would say.
And I buy a red carriage lamp, yep, red glass to hold a fat white candle which looks red within and it casts a red glow around my sunny yellow kitchen and it cheers me up.
Oh glorious YouTube, I can watch Fred and Ginger dance and North Korea and Iran and the White House Moron seems ten thousand miles away and I'm grateful we're still breathing easy on this tiny little planet spinning so effortlessly in space, held by all our positive energies tonight.
And me and my red lantern pray to The Goddess for peace on earth and the goodwill and forgiveness of the Amish to shower us all. Amazing Grace indeed.

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