Monday, October 06, 2008


I started blogging when I first moved nearly full time to Newfoundland. Without much thought, really, or reflection. I only get a sense of my own motivations long after their initialization. At the time, I tend to "just do it" without too much navel-gazing or careful evaluation. My best ideas seem to take place that way. They drift in, often disguised in the form of something else. Only afterwards will I think, hey, that was something I put in my "Dream Book" a long time ago and now it's happened. Wow, would you look at that.

I am one of those people who is open to new experiences, new people, new locales. I am a shy person by nature until I get to know someone. I'm not one to toot my own horn on first acquaintance, I prefer to get to know the other person, sound them out, listen to their life journeys, their narratives. Others have always fascinated me. Particularly as to what brought them to a certain place, a certain time, even into a certain relationship. If they're willing to share, great, if not, that's fine too.

Most people in a social setting come in two kinds, those who are voluntarily there because they love going out or those who are dragged there by a partner or friend. I can easily sort out who is who.

Arriving as a stranger here I have forced myself to go out and about and meet new people. Otherwise I would be that weird hermit in the old D--- place, keeps herself to herself and talks to her dog a lot. Not that there would be anything wrong with that. I sometimes am that weird old hermit, particularly when Scriobhnarin, (pronounced for those who care - Screevnareen) my own personal writing muse, descends. I spend a lot of time alone and am happy with my own company.

You may wonder, if you're still with me this far, what the hell is this all about, I've titled the thing 'hunger' after all and rabbitted on a bit about blogging, social scenes and niceties, etc.

The thing is I hunger for good conversation, for an exchange of dialogue, for spouting of new ideas, for throwing down the gauntlet of the fire of creativity. I started this blog because of the dearth of this. I had left many friends behind in Toronto, dear people I would engage with on a regular basis and we would toss stuff around like multi-coloured balloons against the blank canvas of the sky.

This blog and reading other blogs has satisfied so much of that hunger. And I find in the past year here particularly I am finally meeting with like-minded souls. I had such an afternoon today. Lunch in a new friend's house, followed by a great hike overlooking an incredible bay with the fall colours dancing all around us and the blue of the sky so piercing it hurt the very soul.

And I left my new friend's house hours and hours later, loaded down with DVDs, books, CDs, muffins, crab-apples and rhubarb jam. And a head full of ideas for the next time. And a list as long as my arm of more people for me to meet.

How truly blessed I am. My hunger is sated.


  1. Hi WWW

    How wonderful to hear it. I too am moving to a far-flung place. I crave the peace and quiet but I'm also very anxious that I won't meet people I can connect with there. I suppose you just have to be open and be yourself.



  2. Exactly, Pants. Like finding one's feet all over again. Baby steps out the door to the great unknown.
    And well worth it. Each new friend is a jewel. Like attracts like.
    Good luck on your similar journey!

  3. We are similar of mind, except that I am not out in the great wilderness, but in a town, but when I am behind my computer, I could be anywhere at all. My misfortune is, that all my blogging friends live in far away places, but that does add to their appeal to me at the same time. I love to hear about how everybody is doing around the whole globe. I imagine their lives and all the ingredients in it, and I think I am a richer person for it, because I have to come up with the details somehow and that is extra work. I am starting to get a picture of your life and I like thinking about it and you in it.

  4. I know what you mean about hungering for good conversation and new ideas. I can't go for long without some mental stimulation, or I get seriously deranged. I've always found like-minded people thin on the ground, which is why I also love all these blog dialogues.

    I have a compulsion to examine every bit of conventional wisdom, turn it inside out and ask whether it's actually true or not. Many so-called experts know little more than the rest of us and their clever statements can often be picked to pieces.

  5. The internet, and contacts made through it, fill such a gap in the lives of many people. For sure, real people are preferable (if you are lucky enough to find the compatibility you have found with friends there, WWW). The internest (typo, but it fits!) is such a boon to people of all ages, it's good that so many over 60s have ventured into cyber world, at a time when often loneliness creeps in following loss or moving away of loved ones, or disability of one sort or another. Thank goodness for the net - may we never be without it!

    I always enjoy your descriptions of Newfoundland scenes - so much ion so few words. :-)

  6. That is very warmin to hear. I kind of feel that way too recently about The Hague - it took a long time. Anyways, I for one am VERY glad you decided to start your blog.

  7. @Irene:
    I so enjoy the mental pictures of your life too and I am so glad you are getting a sense of mine!
    That's what's so great about your blog Nick, the way you turn things on their heads. I agree it's difficult to find like-minders, I often hold myself back in real time life for fear of upsetting people.
    Love the term "internest" you could patent that! it does feel like a nest to me.
    Thank you so much, kind sir, I'm so happy to read about Hague life on yours!

  8. I admire you WWW as I could never live in a far-flung place, no matter how stunning, as social interaction and stuff to do in the evenings are exactly what I would miss.

    For all its downsides, it's the city life for me. Then again I grew up in the countryside so have known that kind of solitude already.

    Blogging has still given me a new lease of life though and helped me to expand in new and exciting ways - I'm so glad you're getting a lot out of it too - your interesting and reflective postings
    are certainly a value-added element of the blogosphere!

    Great that I don't have to scroll so far down to see your blog anymore either - whatever electronic glitch that was seems to have resolved itself now!

  9. Laura:
    I cheat a little because I spend 1/3 of the year in Toronto and get my fill then. However, out here, the cultural life is strong and vibrant, it just takes a while to find one's rhythm and acquire the comfort of new friends.
    Thanks for the kind words and so glad that glitch disappeared!


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