Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The News Beneath the News

It is extraordinary how much real news gets buried beneath the trifling, petty and ultra-light spoutings of the main stream media, who are merely sycophantic outlets for the fascist regime in power. No real issue, no matter how important and alarming, is given to the sedated masses either by broadcast or main stream newspaper. Rightly named “presstitutes’ in recent years.

Radio – and I mean public radio, of course, not the bought and paid for kind - is becoming a curiosity of the past. Sad really, for often there are some extraordinary gleanings from it.

For instance, I heard on CBC radio on the weekend that fiction readers have been deemed more intelligent than non-fiction readers. There was intensive testing and research done. The results were that fiction readers are more cued to nuances, more curious, more open to new ideas.

Did you know that murder and suicide statistics are through the roof in the USA due to the current economic meltdown ? The current repressive regime has resorted in some cases to sending in the military, with guns, to seize property and shooting those resisting in cold blood. Some families, with the threat of foreclosure, feel they have nothing to live for and murder their entire families, including pets, before committing suicide.

My friend at Sparrowchat talks about the voter frauds perpetuated by the current regime and gradually worsening as the election gets closer. He cites this brilliant Rolling Stone piece which explores it all in depth. Good luck down south with the so-called election, long predicted by me (with a heavy heart) to be ‘won’ by the GOP as it ‘won’ the last two.

Did you know that baby plastic bottles in Canada, the first country in the world to do so, are now completely banned? In spite of the U.S. FDA (heavy duty lobbies + massive donations) saying they’re OK? They severely compromise infant health. Read all about it here.

And why on earth would anyone drink from a plastic bottle knowing what we know now?

And finally, on a cheery note:

We ain’t seen nuthin’ yet with regard to the financial collapse of our existing economic system. We are already into irrecoverable debt with our looting and non-replenishment of the oceans and the forestry systems of the world. To the tune of $5 trillion a year according to Monbiot.

On second thoughts, maybe we’re all better off not knowing all the bleak stuff ~ Eat, drink and be merry. Forget about the dying and, um, fiddle?

And posted a little later: Could this be the October Surprise? Why are all these military honchoes congregating in the Adirondacks?


  1. no no no, the winds of change are coming. obama will win. life is not worth living if not for hope despite the bleak looking stuff.

    PS: i don't know what's wrong with me today, give me a day or so and i will go back to being the pessimist and cynic that i am.

  2. Gaye:
    Oh, I so want to believe. Yes I do!!
    And I am an optimist, I do think the world will change and for the better, we have no choice.
    As to wizard Obama, time will tell, the voters have been incredibly compromised by the culture of 'by the rich for the rich' in the U.S.

  3. Such is the swing away from failed Republican policies (Obama ahead by 10-11 points at the most recent polls) Obama may well win despite the worst efforts of the GOP to prevent it. I haven't given up hope, though first he has to win the election, and second, he must prove himself as a president.
    American readers really should arm themselves with the voting guide from StealBackYourVote.Org well in advance of November 4th.
    It's good to see Canada leading the world over bisphenol A. Hopefully, other nations will soon follow - though the US will undoubtedly be one of the last.
    Meanwhile, I'll just reach for my old violin.

  4. RJA:
    Let's just hope that the point spread is so vast that all the GOP finagling in the world won't touch it.
    Obama is the only hope.
    Let's play an Irish jig to keep the spirits up!

  5. Some interesting items there I certainly hadn't heard about. Fascinating to know that fiction readers are more intelligent etc than non-fiction readers! I must say I find a lot of non-fiction a complete turn-off as the writing style is usually so turgid I can hardly keep my eyes open!

    As you know, I never drink bottled water. Clearly a healthy decision!

  6. Back down to earth again after those reminiscences of lovely love movies, then WWW! :-(

    Plenty to worry and be glum about, but we should really be thinking positive - filling the collective mind with optimism for the future.
    It's not easy though.

    Yet think how people must have felt in Europe at the outbreak of WW2 - they dealt with much worse prospects than we face at present. And we'll deal with whatever comes next.

  7. Nick:
    All the buried stuff comes to light on alternative news! It takes a really good writer to capture an audience with non-fiction. I find The New Yorker writers particularly skilled. Yes, like you I stay away from all plastic bottles and carry a stainless steel one.

  8. T:
    Maybe every second one? Howzat?
    I think there is so much more coming at us today, particularly the climate change issue which is so stupendous as to be mind-boggling.
    As they say, the worst crime is to be silent in the face of wilful ignorance.
    But I am an optimist.


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