Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Clobber*

* "clobber" is a word we use in Ireland for clothing. As in: "I'm wearing my best clobber to the wedding."

Irene had a great post about her personal style today which got me to thinking of mine.

And I do have one, and have had one for a long, long time. I had a few sidetracking experimentations over the years but always came back to what works best for me.

Long hair.

Long skirts, though I was a great one for the minis in my time.

Long cotton/linen/cashmere sweaters.

Long colourful scarves.


Long colourful coats.


Bright T-shirts.


Men’s cotton shirts.

Interesting cardigans in wild colours.

Long black stockings.

Black patents shoes



A yellow slicker for the rain
Bright yellow rain pants

No nail polish, ever.
No fur, ever.
No leather, ever.

I have a passion for purses, knapsacks, rucksacks, bags and all kinds of “sacs du jour” as the family have it. I’ve never found the perfect one but have come close on occasion. My current bright red one which I’ve had for nearly a year: a personal record, holds the current book, the digital camera, my knitting, my journal, my palm pilot, my cell phone, several pairs of glasses, my very large wallet, pens, lip gloss, nail clippers, chewing gum.

I’d like to find a teensy tiny laptop for it, to interface with my large one and which would bring itself to life in a wifi area. No: a Blackberry or I-phone is too small. I’m not I-Podded yet but expect to be, maybe interfacing with the teeny tiny laptop.

What’s your clobber?


  1. Jeans, t-shirts, singlet tops, thongs for the feet (notunderwear eeeww). And a hat, always a hat.

  2. I agree on the thong underwear, Debstar and I did love thongs for the feet until I Birked myself.

  3. Nice topic, WWW. I share one or two of your items (no nail varnish - hate, hate, hate the stuff); love long scarves, jeans.

    I thought it'd be easy to describe my own style until I came to try it!

    Hair has always been short, and at various stages of! Bouffant reduced to bouncy, seldom completely flat, because it makes my nose look even bigger;-).

    I wear makeup when going out, tend to leave it off at home these days, but never used to be without it.

    Clothes fashion for me has changed radically since retirement. It used to be all high heels all the time, now it's flat and comfortable footwear.
    Jeans used to be for rare occasions, on vacation, now they are everyday, essential items (not always blue though).

    I love "good" stuff - my Mum used to say I have champagne taste and beer money! Occasionally I'll splurge on an excellent classic jacket and wear it for many years. More often now though I'll scour Goodwill and charity shops for basics, and balance my splurges.

    Keywords for my personal style - classic, casual, but with a twist.

  4. it's good to read what your style is, WWW. So, you also love scarves. I can totally get into the long skirts and used to wear them all the time when i was a hippie woman in California. I also used to wear very interesting earrings then, which I don't now. Your sweaters sound great and comfortable. Actually, you sound like the American version of me, so we are actually very much alike, except that I am more Europeanized now.

  5. T:
    Another Goodwill lover! I love to recycle clothes and try not to bring one thing in without another thing leaving, often the same day.

  6. Irene:
    I must admit to appearing a bit of an oddity at a community dinner dance last night.
    My friend and I wore long skirts, there were 50 other women there in jeans and pants.
    However, guess who were up dancing all night????

  7. i'm big on long skirts,too. and bags--not expensive purses, but bags to carry books and camera and such.... always looking for the perfect one. like you, i've come close.

  8. L:
    I't a life time search, isn't it. I've tried knapsacks too, they don't quite work but I just know the perfect sac is out there....

  9. I think that my style can only be termed "haphazard" - partially coming from having to dress in low light levels (my husband gets a couple of extra hours in bed to me), and partially because I'm usually running late and just grab the first thing that comes to hand!

    I love long cardies (though I only own one that can be worn outside of the house) and hoodies (most of those can only be worn on slobbing days.

    Won't wear anything with a heel unless it is a *really* special occasion.

    Mainly in trousers, but I've started wearing skirts more often recently (though not to work - they aren't warm enough for me!)

    I am currently wearing the first top that I have made myself - long sleeved, slightly medieval looking - I really enjoyed making it, and have got a number of compliments, so I suspect that my personal style might end up being home made...

    Bags - I have hundreds! The only two which get used on any regular basis are my rucksack for work, and an over the shoulder small bag for the weekends...


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