Wednesday, December 24, 2008

On Visiting

Things are folding in around the edges of my technical world. My printers aren’t seeing eye to eye with the laptop. My laptop refuses to recognize my palm pilot. I’ve gone into various help programmes but nothing seems to work. It will all have to wait until I hit Toronto and some high-tech help.

However, I’m still on line and will be for another short while, until the Newfoundland tent gets folded up and Strawbella gets packed and I head out on the annual safari across the eastern stretch of Canada to Ontario.

I’ve got stuff everywhere all over the house and a huge list of what needs to be taken with me. Ansa knows something’s up and always does before we move. She saunters by me a lot. Follows me constantly. Yes, I reassure her, I haven’t forgotten I have a dog, have I ever left you behind? She sniffs suitcases, rattles her water dishes. Something’s afoot, or should that be apaw? Ahem.

I’ve been visiting around and about, a custom that is dying in a lot of the world but is alive and well here. Unheralded dropins for a cuppa or a drinka depending on your imbibement of choice.

Tonight I was at Augusta’s. Apart from anything else I love the feeling of her name in my mouth. She suits her name. Her husband calls her Gus. I never could. Augusta is just too gorgeous a word to misplace like that.

Things you don’t know about people and that fall into your ears.

“Back then, 33 Christmases ago,” Augusta says, after we had settled down with the tea, “When I thought I was in labour with twins…”

“Go on!” I say, “Go on! They were wrong, it wasn’t twins at all?”

“Well, first it was,” she says, “There they were, a lovely short labour and my two perfect little girls!”

“And then,” she says, “Another tiny cramp, and there he was!”

“Triplets?” I say, in awe, “You had triplets?”

“Ah,” she says, “But that’s not the end of it either!”

“Go on!” I say, brilliant conversationalist that I am.

“My triplet grandchildren just turned 6!”

“Don’t tell me,” she adds, “That things like that don’t run in families!”

The stuff we don’t know about people.....


  1. I didn't realize that you were moving to Toronto shortly. That means you may not get my Christmas card or does your mail get forwarded?

    What a lovely post you wrote. It was a real visiting kind of post as if I was there with you. i could picture it all very clearly in my mind.

    Big hug,

  2. visiting! what a great tradition!

  3. If only your computer peripherals displayed as much symbiosis as your human links!

    Have a great festive season WWW (and don't forget that dawg now - or his Xmas day stocking!)

  4. @Irene:
    Oh thank you, sweetheart. My mail gets forwarded, I'm looking forward to your card from the other NL!!
    Oh it is, it is. Long may it live!!
    Oh you said it so succintly. I managed to get the PP backed up but the printers are on an endless spooling loop, something like my mind. A Vista nightmare. Thanks once again, Mr. Gates.
    Backatacha with buttons on for the season and I send good working thoughts your way!

  5. Oh - that'll be a cold drive, WWW!
    You're garnering plenty of comforting warmth from your visitings though - it'll store for a long time. :-)

    Warmest seasonal wishes to you and Ansa and Strawbella - hope she is resting well after her recent adventures. ;-)

  6. And what could be better, my daughter flies in tomorrow night to help with the trip.
    Best backatcha, T, warmest greetings to you and himself. May the stars twinkle beatifically for you both in the new year!

  7. All the very best to you and all your loved ones, WWW. And to everyone else and theirs.

    Here's a lovely little present for you all. Enjoy!

    (Btw, on Saturday 27th we've got a visitor of our own flying in ~ Sophie!)

  8. Backatcha, Richard, good news on Sophie, YAY.

  9. A Very Merry Christmas, WWW, and have a wonderful (and uneventful) trip.

  10. Wishing you a safe, easy trip and move dear WWW.
    Hope you settle in nicely again, and 2009 brings you more visitings, music, books, laughter, and continuous inspiration for your blog posts which I love reading!

  11. RJA:
    Backatcha too RJA!
    Thank you - as I do with yours!


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