Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Bum of the Celtic Tiger

(Sorry, couldn't resist the headline).

In an effort to save money, (and the portend of things to come, I've no doubt) Irish parents in Carrigaline, Co. Cork - my home county in Ireland - are requesting that pupils be furnished with their own toilet paper by their parents to lighten the economic load of the school.


The school's principal said the measure had been taken in order to save money in the face of education funding cuts.

"We are endeavouring to trim down expenses and ensure we use our grants towards [educational needs],"

Read about it here.

Now I know why I always thought bidets were a good idea.


  1. I read about that. No doubt the politicians and those running the education service have as much luxury toilet paper as they need. Not to mention official cars, swish offices, expense accounts etc.

  2. I hear 'Kitten Soft' stepped in and sent 750 loo rolls to the school. Happy school, parents and free advertising for the company!

  3. Sounds more like something that would happen in the USA!

    Glad to read from previous comment that a company stepped in to assist, hope more do the same.

  4. I'll refrain from noting the pupils are getting a bum rap.

    On second thoughts - no I won't.


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