Thursday, October 01, 2009

Suffer the Little Children, Again and Again and Again.

Bishop Raymond Lahey resigned from his post as Catholic Bishop of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada a couple of weeks ago. Suddenly. Just prior to his resignation it turns out his laptop had been examined by Canadian Customs officers as Bishop Lahey was going through Ottawa airport on his return from an ‘unspecified’ foreign country. Lahey was arrested because of graphic child pornography images found on his laptop. Apparently he was in the business of buying, selling and trading in such images for a long time.

I’m not surprised. I’m sure you’re not either.

However, the headlines of the Canadian papers reflect a totally different sensibility.

“Nova Scotia Diocese shocked by bishop’s pornography charges.”
– please note the absence of “child” in this headline. This is from The Telegram, our Newfoundland newspaper. Pristine you might call it. Emphasis mine.

Of course every source I’ve read doesn’t disclose the fact that old Ray denied (way back in 1999) that he was unaware of the horrific abuse perpetrated by a priest who reported to him:

The last Bishop in charge of Father Kevin Bennett , Raymond Lahey, says he had no idea Bennett was abusing young boys.
In fact, he says, the Roman Catholic church on the West Coast kept no records of complaints against him.
Bennett sexually assaulted more than 30 young boys, and they are now suing him and the church.

And said Ray also “forgot” to keep written records of the abuse reported to him. He was subsequently involved in overseeing the settlement of the millions of dollars to these victims. Setting a few dollars aside, no doubt, as start up costs for his new entrepreneurial venture. (OK, I surmise only, but seriously: where did he get the money? From his parishioners? From the Vatican?)

His acolyte, Father Paul Abbass of Antigonish says, on hearing of the arrest of his boss, with shock and awe of course:

“I’m sad, I’m shocked, I think I’m mostly concerned about our people, our priests and our diocese.”

You will note in above statement that there isn't one smidgin of remorse expressed for the abused little children that Bishop Lahey profited on.


  1. It never ceases to amaze me how blind many people can be. Whether its the US Republican party or the Roman Catholic church, the faithful flock in droves to support them, and pledge their allegiance. What will it take to make these sad, brain dead, citizens open their eyes and see the true light?

  2. It's true what RJ said. The people don't pull away their support. They keep being faithful and brushing things under the carpet and, in fact, help hide things and make the victims feel ashamed for reporting the abuse. I'm done with the church and the pope and the priests. I will light candles to Mary in the chapel on my own without any intervention.

  3. I don't see how anyone who has followed the activities of the clergy over the last few years could possibly be shocked or surprised. I'm sure there's plenty more of this stuff going on. I can only repeat the others, how can people stay loyal to such obviously corrupt organisations? Are they brain-dead or what?

  4. People have been brainwashed for so long. I think it's fear that keeps them from leaving that corrupt organisation (RC Church).
    They fear that their souls will be everlastingly damned - or whatever the terminology is.

    The daftest thing, among many daft things in Roman Catholicism is that the priests cannot marry.
    Whoever made that rule (and I bet it wasn't Jesus) has a lot to answer for - blighting the lives of many children for one thing.

  5. @RJA:
    If there ever was an example of extreme brainwashing and cultish behaviour it is in the followers of the Catholic Church and the closely affiliated Republican Party. If there ever was a Jesus, his message has long been perverted and purloined by his "interpreters" for their own gain and reprehensible behaviours. Their filthy hands will continue to be larded with the gullible's silver. Money is after all, need to for the legal bills of Lahey and his ilk.
    I am appalled at the friends that I have who still continue to go to mass and pay the bills for these monsters.
    It's fear of the boogey man created by these money-grubbing perverts.
    Well, follow the money on that one. Married clergy have obligations to widows and children and who doesn't get it when they die? Il Papa and his band of bejewelled thieves and paedophiles.

    If I sound angry today, I am. More shock and awe in the papers today particularly from the university here of which Lahey was a professor of......guess what.

    I am sickened.


  6. Let's face it... anyone who choose a life of so called "celibacy" must have a few screws loose anyway to begin with. How can a human being live without the intimacy of another human being....

    It's these type of absurd rules that religion makes up causes all kinds of deviancy and unnatural sexual desires....

    In Saudi Arabia under all that black attire can you imagine what women must get up to...

  7. Nevin:
    I think once a paedophile always a paedophile and unfortunately the Catholic churches attracts these predators in droves due to the easy access to vulnerable children and the positions of power conferred on the clergy. I think this latest travesty will wake up a lot of the Catholics who still financially support the RC church. I hope so anyway, all the papers are full of it here.

  8. One of my daughters is a converted Catholic. She remains faithful although so much of what the church has done and supports is contrary to her own beliefs and values. I can't understand it.

  9. Anne:
    Me too. Completely baffled at my friends who continue to support such an abusive and corrupt entity.


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