Monday, October 26, 2009

Weird Food Combos

Does anyone else do this? I mean combine foods together that wouldn't 'normally' be married. The weirder the better.

Like: I love a fresh Montreal bagel, topped with peanut butter and hot salsa.
or: a mound of mushy green (dried, marrowfats) peas slopped between two slices of absolutely fresh out of the oven white bread.

As a child I would love french fries (chips) sandwiched on white bread.

My mother would mix chopped fresh lettuce and shallots with hot mashed potatoes.

One of my good friends loves chocolate covered raisins tossed on hot popcorn at the movies.

I make a scrumptious vegan soup with peanut butter and pumpkin and coconut.

Any other food weirdos out there?


  1. Oh, yeah. I love doing this. I figure it's all going to end up in the same place anyway. I will put Worcestershire sauce on just about anything, for instance.

  2. Oh, yeah. I love doing this. I figure it's all going to end up in the same place anyway. I will put Worcestershire sauce on just about anything, for instance.

  3. Brian (my former lover) and I did this all the time by my present companion, Eliot is so non-wierd when it comes to food. He thinks what I make for my breakfast is strange. I've been making a sort of apple fritatta. I found this chicken sausage with artichoke and spinach and mozarella. I cut it up and fry it with apples, eggs and more mozarella. Also I'm always eating something different for breakfast but he always has the same thing every day. Unfortunately, I can't eat anything with chili or jalapeno and they sneak it into everything these days. I used to do a lot of wierd things but am afraid of writing about them on my blog because I don't want to freak out the "normal" people who sometimes read it. I could pretend it's fiction or start another blog under a fictitious name. Hhm?

  4. I actually first wrote the anonymous comment under my real name but must have copied the funny word wrong because it didn't print. The second time it printed under anonymous. I wonder if cyberspace is playing tricks with me or is it my own subconscious?

  5. Mmmmmm - mushy peas! Love 'em, but haven't seen any in the US.
    I like the idea of using them as sandwich filling as you describe.

    I used to love a sandwich of potato crisps (chips) between slices of nice soft white buttered bread - the combination of textures and flavors was so nice.

    I'll put mint sauce on just about's good on salad.

    My mother used to put vinegar into her boiled egg.

  6. As a child I loved condensed milk sandwiches. We called them Conny-Onny Butties.

  7. My tastes are boringly normal, but there are some interesting British delights such as deep-fried Mars Bars, and the chip butties (chip sandwiches) you describe.

  8. When I took my kids to McDonalds they would get a soft serve ice cream and jam french fries in it 'till it looked kind of like a ice cream porcupine.

  9. Dutch people eat mashed potatoes with finely sliced raw endive mixed through it and cubed cooked bacon. That's as weird as we get, I guess. Oh yes, and raw herring with onions and mayonnaise on their French fries.

  10. Peanut butter and lettuce sandwich. Weird? My mom would mix fresh green onions from our garden and a dollop of peanut butter into creamy mashed potatoes. My mouth is watering writing this

  11. @Rhea:
    Reminds me of YR Sauce which I can't get here, only HP which is a good substitute!
    Oh my dear I'd join you for breakfast anytime, sounds yummmmmy!!
    Mushies are sold here even in NL, usually in the mexican food section - you could try there. I love the "Biggas".
    I must make mint sauce, I've loads of mint in the garden!! Malt vinegar for mum, I would assume?
    How did the milk not slide off or was that the point???
    I must admit to my stomach heaving at the thought of those deep-fried mars bars but I suppose one would have to investigate prior to contempt, right?
    Much like our poutine here, I suspect. Which is french fries with gravy drowning in cheese curds?
    It sounds terrific!! And i do love mayo on my fries.
    I did try the lettuce and peanut butter and loved it. Now peanut butter and mashed sounds great, I must try!!

  12. my mom used to make eggs and peas. which is just what it sounds like: eggs scrambled with green peas. i love it.

  13. On the ranch's cattle drives the chuckwagon cooke used to tell us "what ever you don't cleanup tonight will be in your pancakes tomorrow". He meant it, loved corn in my pancakes, peas not so much.

  14. @Laurie:
    Ive done that!!! but added Tabasco sauce!
    I thought chuckwagons only existed in movies. You must blog about your cattle drives! Seriously!

  15. There are not many things I am addicted to but poppadum crisps are like catnip to me and I can easily eat a massive bag in one sitting!


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