Thursday, May 05, 2011

Guilty, sez Lahey

Do you ever wonder, like I do, when these former princes of the Catholic Church admit to limited paedophilia charges as the former Bishop Raymond Lahey has done, and so quickly, as to what deeper and more horrific crimes against children are not being admitted?

As if by this very admission there is a huge cover-up? And then this is followed up by maybe a slap on the wrist of a year's incarceration?

This deviant so-called human being was caught importing images, videos and texts involving male children, some estimated to be as young as 8, on his laptop. I wouldn't call him an animal, because I have yet to hear of any animal raping the young of its own species. He was caught by Canadian Customs and promptly reported to the police after the images were discovered upon his return from a trip to Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, noted so called "sex-tourism" destinations. Though sex is hardly a term I would want to use. Predation, paedophilia and child rape destinations, surely?

So little regard ever given by the Catholic Church to these little children, used, abused and possibly subsequently killed. Certainly maimed for life. To satisfy some brief, casual lust of some high-ranking deviant cleric who quickly moves on to the next unfortunate child, blithely unfeeling as to the pain and damage he is causing to his God's creatures.

Anyone I know of who has been a child victim of such predations, has not sued and has no intention of it due to the machinations and onus of proof and years of legal wrangling involved. We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Suffer little children indeed.

Is this how you interpret the gospels, sir?


  1. well said indeed. But still the cc elephant in the room is crippling and demonic.

  2. Like the Mad Hatters Tea Party, the Catholic Church just moves them down one and turns a blind eye as they dirty the next plate they are served. Truly insane, insensitive, immoral behavior. One of the many reasons I "used to be" a Catholic.

  3. When even the bastions of "good" do such grievous harm, where does one turn for help and reparation?

  4. Remove their balls surgically. That's the kindest thing to do.

  5. Well said, I read it in today's paper and to think he was in charge of dealing with settlements of the NS victims all the while knowing and doing what he did, so very sick and wrong......:-)Hugs

  6. This stuff is so sick, I don't even want to think about it. My opinions about religious institutions are so cynical they're off the scale. Predatory, self-centred hypocrites everywhere you look.

  7. come to think of it, I guess we are the lower form of animal.

  8. I understand from psychologist friends that a paedophile is someone with his psyche frozen in childhood and can only get sexual gratification with children. If this is the state of his psychology, how can the man be trusted to provide spiritual guidance to his flock, give penance, hear confessions etc. I am questioning his capability. If from his capability, he cannot be found out before much damage is done, it says a great deal about the management of the religion.

    Another religion where paediophilia is very common is in Islamic madrassas about which tomes are written in Pakistan, but nothing apparently is done there, because the children have no alternative schooling available. Many suicide bombers come out of such madrassas completely brainwashed and under the mesmeric influence of the mullahs who run the madrassas.

  9. Ah, I would caution against a broad brush stroke such as this, "So little regard ever given by the Catholic Church to these little children." Something like saying that all Irish are bastards. I know several who are, but so far, I don't believe you to be one of them. :-)


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