Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Last night, from the deck

Even though we only catch a glimpse of your warmth
As you slip below the headland of the bay
We see you, sun, and entreat you to come forward
Into the days of our longing,
And the dawns of our imaginings.
This once a month thing, dear sun,
Is just not good enough
For your yearning admirers.


  1. Indeed! I was on holiday last week - in Dorset... all jumpers and coats. I brought all my T-shirts back unworn.
    Nevermind, I think it's time to invest in vests and knitwear.

  2. I like to see the sun, but hide from it for this year, :(

  3. That old sun is just flirting with you.

  4. Here in Oklahoma we've had too much sun for too long. Triple digit temps, on and on - and no rain to speak of for months.
    Y'all can have some of ours, with pleasure!

  5. The sun has been a fickle friend in Thunder Bay too. When it shows its face though, its warmth is so comforting and I completely understand why my cat sprawls out on the stairs, becoming a hazard to everyone else, just to lie in a sun beam.

  6. The sun is playing hide and seek behind the clouds here too. I don't mind it too much as it means milder temperatures. We do see some of it during the day, but there are no blue skies. Just Old Masterly clouds.


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