Saturday, June 04, 2011

Mars and Venus Redux.

~~~Click to get the full effect~~~

He: Gee that picture you posted on line could have used a bit of flash.
Me: I took that picture without flash, deliberately.
He: For gawd's sake, why?
Me: I wanted to leave some of the details in darkness and have the lights on board highlight the floats.
He: But anyone would get frustrated looking at it.
Me: Why?
He: Because. You. Can't. See. Stuff.
Me: What stuff?
He: That's the point.
Me: What point?
He: You need flash. So you can see everything.
Me: What about mystery? The unseen. A ghost ship. Hidden memories of oceans sailed and other cargoes.
He: Next time use flash, OK? Then I might be able to enjoy it.
Me: Unprintable.


  1. Your camera
    Your photo
    Your rules!

    Nice one.

  2. Whoever the he is, he's a gormless bozo. I love the pic.

  3. I wish that I had been a fly on the wall to hear the unprintable. Well done!

  4. LOL..i keep the flash off on most pictures, i find it unnatural. Great picture BTW :)

  5. How very rude of him to assume that he could say that to you.

  6. Nora:
    He is a good friend but lacks an imagination like a lot of people.
    The conversation was more in the way of jest.
    He knows he's a bit unfinished and he takes my cursing at him in good stride ;-)

  7. Surely it depends on what effect you are striving for?

    Does he have his own camera to do it properly? ;- )

    If so, there should be no arguments as he can do it his way, you can do it yours.

  8. don't you dare use flash unless you want to. I love that photo and it's memorable. If he had taken the picture, it would have just been another picture.

  9. Super photograph, WWW! Big version really shows it off a treat.

    Tell 'im to stick 'is flash where the sun don't shine. ;-)

  10. Some of us are romantics and some are pragmatists... I, for one, choose romantics. Lovely photo.

  11. the real joke in all of this is that he has the very best photographic equipment, every lens, tripod and accessory, all deluxe.
    And he poo-poos foreground/background/lighting so his photos tend to be very, very flat. Gazillion pixelled flat.

  12. Well I'm glad you posted it just as it is as it's reminiscent of a dream I had for years on end which I thought was a bridge of weird proportions... and now, looking at this, I think it might have been what I see here... (in childhood sometimes I saw the docks at night).

    So, thank you for helping me solve a mystery.


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