Friday, August 17, 2012

Ireland Performance - Update

For any of you who will be at or near Tipperary, Ireland in late August and have even a faint interest in seeing my play please email me:

wisewebwoman at gmail dot com

and I will send you particulars. Tickets would have to be booked right away as it is a small theatre and tickets for the general public will be released directly after the first dibbers, such as you and my Irish friends and family.

We have one more performance here before leaving for Ireland next week.

And I can't tell you how excited the cast, crew and myself are.

In all cases it is a dream come true.

I continue to pinch myself.


  1. Hope you have a wonderful Ireland trip and enthusiastic audience for your play. Cast members -- break a leg!

  2. I wish I could be there. Do you say "break a leg" to the author? If so, consider it said. If not, be careful and have a wonderful and successful time.

  3. Hals- und Beinbruch, in German, or Break A Leg in Eng/I/rish.

    Wish Ireland weren't as far away as it is.

    I've just caught up with your posts. What can I say. Your writing is immaculate, sparse, moving and funny. I repeat, I wish I could see your play.

  4. Bon Voyage and Bonne Représentation....or words to that effect, WWW!

    I, too, wish I could be there to see it, and you. :-)

  5. how i wish! enjoy! and good luck.

  6. Yipeeeee! You go babe, hope it becomes the next MUST SEE and fills yer coffers to the brim and spillin' over... :D Round the world and back again. I believe I'll wait till it hits Broadway, New York, New York before I have a look see... LOL here's hoping!

  7. Break a leg . . . must be appropriate here too : the show must go on, too. Sending good wishes.

  8. How exciting! Best of luck with the Irish performances! I'm sure you'll all have a great time.

  9. Thank you all.

    So very, very much.


  10. Good luck, bon voyage...and for goodness sake DON'T break a leg - it would ruin everything!

  11. Oh heck Wise - do break a leg! Safe journey, lots of laughs and maybe a few tears to cleanse the soul.


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