Thursday, August 23, 2012

Irish Cappucino

This one I called "Irish Cappucino", being the Irish artist in wool that I am 'n all. Ahem~!

I just now packed it in the luggage as it is a gift. It draped itself rather nicely over some of the freshly painted (thank you Grandgirl!) deck furniture.

Some I have a hard time giving away.

This is one of them.

Over and out for ??? depending on connectivity in Ireland. I hope to post from the Newfoundland travelling theatre Irish road trip.

That's /30 for now.


  1. What a beautiful pattern.
    in past years I made something similar, but probably an easier pattern
    for each child and grandchild.
    that was before the 2 little ones came along. Now do not even know if I remember how to do this.
    I do know it was the most relaxing thing I could do in the winter sitting by the roaring fire.

  2. That is gorgeous.

    Safe journey to one and all. See you soon.

  3. Best of luck. Hope everything goes well. I'm sure you'll get a very warm welcome from your Irish audiences.

  4. I love those shades of cream to dark brown, and I envy your talent.

  5. Beautiful knitting Wise. Safe journey,

  6. Place your orders here: I'll have one smokin' hot Irish Cappucino knitted wonder please..with whip cream on top of course LOL:D You'll knock 'em off their feet in the homeland and that's no blarney, enjoy every minute of your wonderous journey!

  7. What a fabulous pattern and fabulous knitting. I'd love to place an order! I still have a hand-knitted jacket and hat I bought in Dublin 20 years ago, similar pattern to yours but not as good.

    Go well - I'm sure you'll get a big hearted reception.

  8. Lovely knitting.
    Are you coming via England en route to ireland - or on the way back?

  9. Lovely! Hope all goes well as you would have it.

  10. It looks really cosy, and I love the colours. I'd keep it!

    Safe travels, WWW.


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