Monday, April 01, 2013


I'm at the age, like many of us, when I never take another spring for granted. I mean no matter what the age, we never should. But at my age, well, when I see Spring nudging her way over the horizon and down the bay and up my driveway, well, Ansa and I greet her with whoops and, yes, a wee bit of tears on my part. For Ansa just lives in the moment, as I try to do most of the time. My dog is one of my best teachers.

But now and again, like this glorious morning, I look off at the boats in the distance getting ready for the crab season, and out at the bay which is like a mirror, with the sun bathing every living thing in the spirit of renewal and rebirth and think: there's another summer in this old girl yet.


  1. I sure as heck hope so. As far as I can ascertain, you are not over the hill yet, so don't be thinking in terms of that. You've got lots of spring times ahead of you yet. Besides, for selfish reasons, I can't imagine life without you.

  2. Me too ... every year on the first warm spring day, I thank my lucky stars that I'm here for another gorgeous coming-back-to-life season. It's not something to take for granted!

  3. Oh yes
    I feel the same way.
    Now big clean up from a family
    dinner yesterday
    Wish I was not so fussy
    there are things I want to do
    outside in the sunshine.
    Wish I had a view of the water
    but the woods look peaceful.
    Want to do a home swap :)

  4. I returned last evening from a hill station where I had gone for the weekend with a friend. I found Pune hotter than it was two days earlier when I had left. Like clock work, it was after our holi festival which finally bids farewell to winter here, that the temperature went up.

    I used the airconditioner for the first time this calendar year last night. I am grateful that I can afford that luxury and yes, also for living through one more winter!


  5. Living in the moment is the thing so please keep that in mind,my friend.

    Mrs.GFB found a site that told her that I have lived 27585

    You are blessed with much talent WWW may your days multiply. O X

  6. I must say I still take the seasons very much for granted as I'm pretty healthy and who knows I might still be around in twenty years time. I just wish our summers would be hot and sunny again and not continually wet and dreary.

  7. i certainly hope so! i like your blog very much. ann.

  8. In spite of the frost warning, I still am feeling more and more the pull of the approaching summer. It will get here!

  9. Spring! It's way too late this year. Last year we had flowers up already and warm days (I live in Montreal).

    Must be nice to live by the ocean and watch crab boats.
    Sending hugs
    p.s. found you by way of MaggieMae

  10. Easy there old girl! We're not over the hill yet! Plenty of summers left in us. We just have to keep showing up, ready to boogie!

  11. Yes, every day is a bonus let alone every season but there is something special about surviving the winter and experiencing Spring's growth, the days warming up and flinging off the winter clothing layers.

    I love GFB's phrase 'may your days multiply'.....hear, hear.

  12. Irene:
    I wasn't thinking in terms of over the hill, just in taking life for granted. My mother died young as did many of my friends.

    A woman after me own heart you are!

    At least you're doing them! I struggle with the undesirable tasks at the time, I just want to play!

    You have no idea of what the words "hill station" do to me. I read far too many books about India and I loved loved loved the whole idea of the retreating to hill stations and feeling the breezes and looking out over all below!

    Your words warm the cockles of my heart my good friend. Thank you.


    Oh we never know. I've seen far too much unexpected death. I'm just very grateful.

    Welcome and thank you!

    Yes, me too, barring car accidents or other such life annihilating antics.

    Welcome and I do adore Montreal and spent some time there. Wonderful city but wouldn't trade the ocean and the crab boats.


    And love effin' dancin'!!


    And may we also have multiplied moments!!


  13. We had lovely sunshine today in Dublin and I went out to enjoy it. It certainly lifts the spirits and makes me appreciate life.

  14. Could have strolled with you GM, the weather sure makes a difference!!



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