Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Calling Redux

Michael Redhill aka Inger Ash Wolfe

I wrote about a wonderful book I read here and the author was kind enough to leave a comment too. He wrote "The Calling" under the pseudonym of Inger Ash Wolfe and if you want to read an unputdownable thriller featuring an elder female police chief living with her retired mayor mother, this one would be it. Michael Redhill is the man behind Inger, his alter ego, and he is now a FB friend.

Anyway, I'm absolutely thrilled for him that this great book is now being filmed and Michael posted some pics the other day of himself on set with the stars. He is modest enough to be star-struck.

And guess who's playing the role of the police chief? Susan Sarandon, that's who.

And guess who's playing the role of her mother? Ellen Burstyn, that's who.

I'll be first in line at the box office when it opens.

Crazy star-struck fan, that's me.


  1. I see the book is available on Kindle.I will be downloading it.

    Thanks WWW.

  2. Your recommendation is good enough for me. I will see the first show the first day it is released here. In the meanwhile, may be I should read a thriller which I have not done in years.

  3. At your recommendation I read The Calling and enjoyed it very much. I look forward to the film. I also enjoyed his Consolation.

    Another Canadian writer of mysteries to look out for is Louise Penny, whose stories are set in Quebec and are entertaining, well-written, informative, and illuminating. I come away from each one pensive about some of the issues she raises. Her characters are wonderfully developed, her take on Quebec history and culture fascinating.


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