Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Trials of Job....Part 3 of 3

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Around ten o'clock that night Harry announced the floor show. Especially for Chairman, in pranced a woman in a very short school girl uniform who presented Chairman with first of all her breasts (on a tray) and then her behind. I looked around at everyone hooting and thigh-slapping. I glanced at Yvonne who was just as appalled as I was. Then Schoolgirl set up her music machine and proceeded to strip. Slowly. Down to her pasties and g-string. To uproarious laughter, Chairman pulled out his wallet and inserted dollar bills in any gap or orifice he found on her body.

I got up and quietly left. It was just before Christmas and I thought, I will call in sick. I will call in sick for as long as it takes. I will get a medical certificate. Maybe they'll fire me. Oh please let them fire me and give me severance. Please. And then I can get unemployment insurance while I look for a job, any other job.

Ten days later, I finally showed up at work only to have Harry call me into his office before I had taken off my coat. He regretted, etc., it wasn't working out at all, etc., I lacked the company spirit, blah-blah, they would give me severance in lieu, etc. I restrained my glee. Unseemly laughter and joy might remove the severance package. Still coated, I went into my office and prepared the papers and the cheque and had Harry sign them all but I could not contain myself in the parking lot. I danced in front of the Lincoln, I danced on the lawn and then fled the scene, jacking up the music on the car radio, screaming my release to the sky.

If there is a hell I've done my freshman, junior and senior years. Remember that, Mr. Jesus Jones. When it comes time, I mean.


  1. Excellent! You escaped with a wad of cash and your dignity intact.

    Not very likely in the sort of jobs I do, but if I was faced with a stripper at an office party I'd be straight out of the door as well. I've never understood the attraction.

  2. Glad you gained freedom on your terms.

  3. I just read all three. In the first post I suspected your boss stood behind you to get a glimpse down your shirt. The last post makes me even more suspicious. What an ass. Yo'd actually have grounds for a hostile work environment lawsuit with the stripper incident. That's absolutely appalling.

  4. I had my own boss from hell. The details differ, but the spirit is the same. And once I took the job, for reasons of pride (false) and economics (I thought I had to stay).

    It lasted 11 miserable months, and when I left, I experienced an adrenelin rush of pure joy.

  5. I've been happy in my job for the past 10 years, and never been mistreated (just the opposite), but last week a bunch of us were unceremoniously fired. And while others have gnashed their teeth and wailed, my response has been relief. I shall be released! I would probably never have quit on my own, because of loyalty to the great "boss" I had. But as soon as he was gone, that was no longer reciprocal. My last day is to be the 25th of this month and I am so looking forward to it! But they are calling me tomorrow to discuss doing some work for them in the future anyway ... I hope they don't make me an offer too good to refuse, as I'd be disappointed ... although I still need the income. Otherwise, as Marc says: Pure Joy.

  6. A great ending to a not unusual story. In India, many women suffer such working lives for long periods of time for the simple reason that there is no unemployment insurance and jobs are not easy to find. Morons like the President and the Chairman are a plenty here too.

  7. It's unbelievable what people are supposed to put up with. I am very glad tat I was never exposed to this. Well, only indirectly through my first husband's career moves and there was plenty of stupid behavior. It was accepted by the women as well as the men and sometimes the women even instigated it. I always felt uncomfortable, not being used to that culture, and let it be known too.

  8. Yessir, been there, done that, except for the severance pay bit.

    Working life was horrendous in the early days, before women became full members of the human race.
    God, the bosses to whose pipe I danced!

    Nice story, www. Are you glad that part of life is over?

  9. Nick:
    I'm sure other men there were equally disgusted but afraid for their jobs.

    By the skin of my teeth. I've only felt that kind of relief after another job fiasco of which more.....

    it would be a long and messy lawsuit I was advised at the time as they had given me severance.

    Adrenalin, yes. Marvellous feeling of release from jail.

    Mixed feelings I see, but hang on to that sense of relief too, it is telling you something, no?

    Yes I'd been exposed to sexism in my first job in Ireland (first female accountant hired by a major company). I was young and innocent and don't have pleasant memories. too bad India hasn't caught up, eh?

    Good for you.

    You know exactly how glad I am. It was excruciating.


  10. Yep been there. In the end they only had enough funds for me or four new toilets. Thank god the toilets won.

  11. Enna:

    I snorted my coffee through my nose at this!!!


  12. I've just been catching up with you again. Always enjoyable! Loved the story of that horrendous work environment. I guess we've all been in a similar situation at some time, I know I have. I recognized your joyous relief.

  13. Enna:
    I still laugh, toilets winning, said everything!

    I'm sure the exact same thing goes on today, people in fear of not having the next paycheque and putting up with all sorts of crap until they snap.



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