Monday, February 10, 2014

Coming to Life

In my experience there is nothing more profound than seeing one's creation come to life. Whatever it is, a painting, a poem, a book, a song, knitting, embroidery, sewing. Yesterday, it happened again for me when our theatre board met in St. John's and we had a first read-through of my newest play, a two-hander (two actors on stage). The feedback was terrific, the suggestions for enhancement thoughtful, even the ideas for promotion and public relations superb. I felt so blessed. They, well, loved it.

Some of the idioms I use are very Irish and after feedback I changed it to the Newfoundland patois. A wonderful 3-1/2 hours of seeing my newest infant take her baby-steps and spring to life. I was very close to tears at the end, happy tears, and, so I noticed, these were shared with 3 others. One even went so far as to tell me that his own father, many years ago, had handled an emotional scene in their lives exactly the same as the scene at the end of my play. Different words of course, but the scenario was the same: ordinary, everyday words carrying a wealth of underlying meaning.

There is no greater feeling in the world than this: watching my baby stagger out into the world and lead me where? Who knows.

Bring it on.


  1. What a marvelous experience. Is any of your work on video? I'd love to see some of it.

  2. How wonderful, congratulations, and it would be such fun to even see a little clip.

  3. Like the others said, is any of your work available to view other than in Newfoundland?

    Congratulations www, it must be wonderful to see one’s work appreciated and produced.
    Go break a leg!

  4. I can only assume that you must be a very talented woman, so congratulations on that and for putting your talents to work, which is something not all people do. It is great that you have found your passion and that you share it with the people around you through your plays. xox

  5. That's great that everyone was so impressed and enthusiastic. Good luck with the public showings!

  6. Well done! That is an exquisite feeling, isn't it? And when the "toddler" matures and is accepted as full-fledged "adult," the excitement is just as great.

  7. Look forward to seeing it when it comes to Ireland!

  8. Hi all~
    It will be filmed and yes it will be played in Ireland too. I'll find some way to share it with you guys and thanks for all the support. I'm still on Cloud 9!!

  9. You done great things, achieved enough for several lives, not the least to salvage yourself out of the life you've hinted at.

    I too hope to see this work.

  10. I thought of this post earlier today and found myself smiling at how wonderful it must feel to have your work appreciated. Congratulations! I, too, would love to see the end result ~

  11. Congratulations dear WWW

    Wherever the muse leads I know you will follow and be rewarded and glad too.



  12. Congratulations! I can't wait to see the video.


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