Thursday, June 05, 2014

Blog Jam

My first PG (Paying Guest) at The Tigeen has just left. Yeah, things went well. Very well. Yesterday and today are foggy, mauzy really, and I caught myself. You know when you have guests and the weather doesn't behave itself. "I'm so sorry about the weather. If you'd been here earlier...." as if you (and I) had omnipotent powers and the weather was all our fault. Apologizing for our personal magic wand misbehaving.

It's been a busy few days and I'm backing away from today to regather myself. I've scheduled a long overdue nap in the afternoon before heading out this evening with friends.

And tomorrow, well tomorrow is the first meeting of a running/walking/hiking/shuffling race participating club I inadvertently founded nearly a year ago. I'm way excited about this. The challenges faced by the back of a pack in these events are too numerous to list here. Not least of which are the shutting down of the course before the time is up: water stations evaporated, roads reverting to the hazards of traffic (and traffic lights) and even the drinks and food packed up at the finish line when guarantees are made at the outset the course will be open for the entire duration of the race. Older/more challenged participants pay the same money and deserve equal treatment. And often are the real heroes of such events. So there must be power in numbers to change the status quo, ya think?


  1. Glad the first PG worked out so well. Good luck tomorrow. I'll be going to deliver a cake to a D Day baby. I have Happy Birthday candles... much safer than trying to get seventy ordinary candles on the top!

  2. GM:

    Thanks so much and your day sounds pretty exciting too. A D Day baby - first time I've heard that!!


  3. Netflix people, if your service went up to $20, I don't care if you include movies that just left theaters, I would drop it like a bag of hammers.

  4. Shame on those who don't provide all the facilities until the very end of the race. It's probably the back of the pack that need them the most.

    Love the idea of your selling your handicrafts. Would love to be nearer to take advantage, especially of your knitted stuff. Your woolly was to die for.


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