Sunday, January 11, 2015

Healing Gifts 2

One might never meet someone or talk to them but when you do, pow, in the first 20 seconds you have an ease and comfort that is astonishing.

It was this way with a young woman who came up to me at the removal of my BFF from her home to the church.

"I know you. " she said simply.

"Yes," I said, "Of course. You're Gillian."

And we hugged and cried.

BFF had loved the ex-partner of her elder son's. Like we do. We hate to witness the breakup of our children with those we become fond of and whom we consider "ideal".  For us, the elders, perhaps, but not for those who move on.

Against the odds BFF remained close to Gillian as both her son and Gillian moved on to other partners and started families.

BFF was a tower of strength when Gillian ' s 1st daughter died at 5 months. I remember the daily emails from that period (BFF & I exchanged 1000s of emails). I had two miscarriages so understood a little of the grief and relayed words of understanding through BFF to Gillian.

So to finally meet her was wonderful. She adored BFF and was devastated by her death.

And the best news of all was that she's now the mother of two healthy little girls.

And yes, we're staying in touch.


  1. I am glad you finally met Gillian in the flesh as we say. Enjoy the friendship.

  2. Just catching up on the last few posts. I'm so sorry for your lost and glad there was a gift hidden within it.

  3. It's too bad that we learn these lessons of life so late. Glad for your renewal of connections,even if under sad circumstances.

  4. The ability to maintain such a close relationship with her child's ex testifies to the special qualities of your BFF .

  5. I will bury my 47 year old son next Tuesday.....I'm just beginning "your path".


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