Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Healing Gifts

Three to be precise.

The first is a very old friend and in the way of busy,  we lost track of each other. She had 6 children and I, single working parent pre-interwebz what does one do to sustain a palship?

She wasn't a friend of my now deceased BFF but felt driven to trek down to the south side of Dublin from her north side home to the funeral. She's never done anything like this in her life as she doesn't drive and finds the complicated 3 system transit necessary to do this daunting to say the least.

But she did it. And here we were today at Wynn's old hotel in Dublin catching up for 5 hours. Her children are all scattered, her husband dropped dead on the El Camino 4 years ago and she rattles around her big old house by herself. A traditional housewife,  she had to learn how to write cheques after her husband died.

I always knew even when she was 18 that she would be an Irish mammy. She always knew I was far too independent in my thinking to ever settle for that.

And you know what? After 40 years, the love was there, the openness and the honesty.

And yes, the laughter. And the memories she has of my beloved mum are priceless.

"I could have you come live with me forever," she says.

So next time I'm in Dublin,  yeah, I'll have her give me a test drive. Forever can change to never in a heartbeat.

There's something so healing about all of these events and that's just my 1st story.


  1. Glad there was a rekindling of this old friendship to lighten a difficult visit home.

  2. I got sidetracked from your marvellous post by mention of south Dublin and Wynn's hotel. I grew up between Blackrock and Bray, in a small village called Cabinteely - and as an art student in Kildare St we would sometimes treat ourselves to high tea in Wynn's hotel. xx

  3. She sounds as if she's someone who understands loss, shares memories with you and is empathetic, too. You must have so needed someone like that.

  4. Love, openness, honesty and laughter. That sounds like a precious friendship to me.

  5. Good that it is only your first story. Keep them coming.

  6. How wonderful, and how I envy you this.


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