Monday, January 22, 2018

A Wee Giftie - The Winner!

So here it goes: the two dishcloths, 1 still on the needles, the bag full of "I'd like thats" and the moment of the draw.

And the winner is.....drum roll please!

Congratulations Pauline, please send your postal address to wisewebwomanatgmaildotcom and I will mail out to you this week along with one of my cards :)

Thank you all, my dear readers. You are truly special.


  1. Yay for Pauline! The color scheme in the picture above gives me an idea for a crochet project (unfortunately I don’t knit.)

  2. Well, how cool is that! I never win anything. Thanks, WWW!

  3. Very nice of you. Good for Pauline, the winner.


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