Sunday, April 01, 2018

Emerging into Easter

I think we all need this. To be under the weather with all that entails, low energy, hacking, spewing, wondering where the hell so much moisture comes from, swigging cough medicine, Kleenex boxes the main decor in every room and avoiding all human contact. Many books, bits of knitting, Netflix, piles of unwashed dishes, a table so disorganized as to constitute a safety hazard.

And then today. It's like a cocoon has gently split and I emerge and put on some music and take a shower and change the sheets and catch up on a bit of knitting and open my windows and realize after a few hours that hey, I haven't coughed once.

And life looks sunny once more and if I could find some human company, I won't quite seek it mind you, but hey if I ran across it I might actually socialize. But meanwhile it's a walk by the lake and a drool at the dog park.

And my favourite Easter hymn to soothe you. I would sing this back in the day in a choir in my home city.


  1. Thanks for the hymn, WWW - I enjoyed that! Easter Day is flippin' cold in Okie land, temp still in the mid- 40s after a hot afternoon in high 70s yesterday, it's quite a shock!

    Happy Easter! I hope your 'flu symptoms continue to depart at speed.

    This is the "April" song I've listened to today, more than once:


  2. Thank you for the Easter hymn. It is indeed soothing and lovely. I, being 1) American and 2) brought up Lutheran turned Presbyterian was unfamiliar with it. Happy Easter!

  3. So glad you are feeling better. It takes a while to get completely well so go easy.

  4. It's been pretty miserable here too. Constant rain and cold, the odd glimpse of sun if we're lucky. I had a cold last week but luckily it only lasted a few days. I hope you found some good films on Netflix at any rate.

  5. The Hymn is beautiful and very uplifting.

  6. Spring has really sprung here - it got up to 80 degrees today and everything is bursting into bloom. I love this time of year.


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