Sunday, January 23, 2022

Melange a Trois

 (1) Thought I'd show you my Wall. Note caps. This was a blank wall facing a bookcase in my hall. I send cards, I get cards. Some of them arty or old or meaningful and I like them to hang around for a while. I had a roundy thing with slots which would hold about 20, all cramped together. It teetered. I had a few lovely framed corkboards in my office/bedroom and pinned some up. Then I thought wee pegs and a kind of double clothesline. And this seems to be working. I get to walk by them all, and can change them at whim.

(2)I had tea shipped in from Tipperary at Solstice as a gift for Niece to share over the festivities. With a teapot and inbuilt strainer. To me, tea should never, ever be in teabags. It needs to be loose-leaf and full of aroma and taste. This was a huge hit so I sourced more of this magnificent tea in Canada at half the price and got bags for Niece, Daughter and myself. This is the tea I was reared on. Blended by a Master Blender in Cork by the name of Dennis Daley.

(3) I'm preparing for a CBC radio interview tomorrow on how seniors have been managing themselves in the Time of the Plague. I believe that schoolchildren and seniors are suffering the most throughout this time. And there will be a ripple effect for generations to come once we move beyond (?) it. Let's face it, we are not too far off from death in the normal state of affairs, but it is much, much, harder missing physical contact with family and friends. Along with other challenges, far too many to get into here.

I realize I am luckier than most in that there is never enough hours in my day to satisfy me. I get up early and even if I sleep in for an hour I feel ripped off.

 Daughter visited me yesterday and brought me a grid notebook (genuine antique with leaves of carbon paper at the back!) and 24 brand new colouring pencils. I felt like 6 years old again, can't wait to experiment with these babies.


  1. Daughter's gift was perfect for you.
    I like your card hanging brainwave too. I display cards I love too - sometimes for years.
    I hope your CBC interview goes well. They chose the perfect person to articulate the concerns of too many invisible people.
    Barry's tea? Why doesn't the master blender get some recognition?

  2. hello, I'm here from Friko's blog and I'm delighted to see this post. It's my favorite kind: several sweet and interesting tidbits and images. I hang cards too, and I share your very real concerns about the future. I keep reminding myself there are far more good people on this planet than bad. That has to mean something.
    Best wishes,
    love kj

  3. Great idea with the postcards, I might steal it. I was gifted alcohol markers by my daughter at Christmas, and also felt like a child again - it's so much fun! Are you going to post some of ypur drawings?

  4. You found the tea in Canada and at a lower price, but it is not quite the same as the excitement of the arrival from its original source overseas. My opinion anyway. Btw, while I don't drink tea often, the best tea I have ever drunk was in the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia.

    I would suggest giving it ten years and cards to send will be gone. We would once receive around fifty Christmas cards, this year fifteen.

    I hope the interview goes well.

    Carbon paper...messy stuff.

  5. When will your interview be aired? I'd love to hear it! I have my radio tuned to CBC but don't have it on all the time.

  6. I think the ripples from this plague will be around for a very long time so I hope somebody hears what you have to say and acts on it

  7. I LOVE new pencils! I don't draw or colour, but I do love pencils in as many shades as possible. They come in handy when I need to carry something to the paint shop and ask them to "match this colour please".
    There will definitely be a ripple aftereffect, either people will travel and gather more than ever because they couldn't, or more will stay home forever in case of more viruses, and the fear carried by many will be felt by the small children who don't realise what they are fearing but it will stay with them.
    My mum used to hang up Christmas cards like that, with paper clips and strings across the front window.

  8. I love your card arrangement. Sort of like Thai prayer flags, which I also need more of.

  9. It would be nice if you could post a podcast of your interview in your blog.

    Once you get used to a particular tea, like I have, nothing else ever satisfies, not even famous teashops that we have in many places where I live. I suppose that the people who frequent them have got used to those concoctions.

  10. You seem to be managing quite well. Good for you! I love iced black tea, but hate to brew it. So, we buy jugs of ready made black tea and refrigerate them. Cold and refreshing in hot Hawaii!!!

  11. I hope your radio interview went well today.

  12. If anyone wishes to hear me I have a podcast of the CBC interview. I won't be posting here (anonymity). Fire me an email at wisewebwomanatgmaildotcom and I'll send you the link.

    Thanks for all the comments.


  13. Re covid, the present situation feels very odd. Despite most restrictions being abandoned, I'm still wearing a mask and distancing and there's still a sense of risk and vulnerability. Goodness knows when we'll all be back to normality, or at least a normal sense of safety and security.

  14. I thought you would enjoy this.

  15. Lucky you to have correspondents still sending you cards and/or letters. I think we'll have a whole new "normal", whatever that is, even if the current pandemic seems to end.

  16. That notebook is a great gift and thanks yo you I was able to find Berry
    decaf though it was bagged. I'm glad you get cards.


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