Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Blurt on Dogs


Ansa 2012

I was reading about that awful Kristi Noem. You know that sub-human governor of South Dakota who bragged about shooting her puppy in the face?

It sickened me. As much as it did most civilized people on the planet. My heart hurt for that poor wee helpless creature who loved her until death. Whose last image of his beloved human was her face behind a gun, her face full of hate.

ALL dogs are trainable if they respect their human. Ansa was my last dog. The best dog I have ever had. 

I've written about her many times. She was a rescue and it took me two years to train her. Every chance she got she ran away from me. Often miles away. I knew never to punish her. She had been chained up and abused before she found me. So every time she ran, I got in the car and tracked her down, to finally see her trudging along the side of the road, dejected and tired. I would greet her with delight, coax her into the car and give her a treat. I wanted to be her haven, her safety net.

When she finally trusted me she stopped walking ahead of me on a lane one day, sat down in front of me and gazed at me. I took the leash off her and petted her and cried tears of gratitude. After than she never left my side and travelled with me all the time and I only leashed her on busy roads. She learned hundreds of words and played hide and seek with me and everyone just adored her. She never failed to thank me for a meal (licking my hand) or tuck her head under mine in bed as I read a book.

How we treat animals is how we treat humans. When Noem said she would do the same to President Biden's dog, I felt total revulsion that she is such an abject slave to the opinion of the Orange Maggot, another sub-human who hates dogs. 

Animal haters should never be put in charge of the lives of others. 



  1. NO arguments from me. I would go a step further though. Haters should never be put in charge of anything.

    1. WHAT A TREAT! I think I've mentioned before to you what an admirer I was of Ansa and even saved some of the photographs of her. She was a wonderful dog as I learned from your many descriptions of her and your life together.
      How sad that the current news about our "dog hater" is now the news of the land. How bad can things get?
      Well, we shall (hopefully) forget the hater and remember wonderful Ansa. Thank you for bringing all these wonderful stories about her back.

  2. It is a sad reflection on us that we elect people like this to very high positions of power. Apart from the tragic and despicable episode with her dog she was obviously flawed in many ways beforehand, yet she was able to govern a state. I hope she now fades into oblivion.

  3. 100% agree. We have a "rover" right now, a stray whose former owners refused to claim him when he turned up at a friend's house. So he came here a year and a half ago, and like you, we have been patiently training him. He's very smart, and so loving! We did get a PetSafe system, for even though we are in a quite remote location with acres of forest around us, he has traveled up to 5 miles away. Lately we have been able to turn off the system and so far he has only roamed once and my husband soon found him.
    There is no need to punish pets. They know when we are not pleased with them. That woman deserves to go to jail, honestly. Her behavior was cruel and inhumane.

  4. I read a little about Noem, and what a despicable person she is, and despicable is a mild word for her. Your Ansa sounds like she was wonderful.

  5. Ansa was so beautiful! This is the first photo of her I have seen in all your writings about her. That woman should go to prison but even that would be too good for her!

  6. Thank you for writing about Ansa again. She is a beautiful dog. It's been years since I've had a dog, but my current cat is another example of not punishing an animal. Two years later Kitty is only now letting me stroke her. Perhaps next year I can brush her.

  7. What a beautiful post. Thank you, I have tears in my eyes.

  8. RoisinNY here. With you all the way. Disgusting person, no soul. Auditioning for Orange Menace’s VP, including the Botox’d lips, cheeks.

  9. What a beautiful story about developing trust with Ansa. It's no wonder you loved her so much.
    Our Harry never got to be the perfect dog but he made great strides from the time he came here straight from racing kennels and I am sure it was the training we did and the progress he made that created our bond. I have loved all the dogs I've had but Harry was the love of my life.

    People who hurt animals are fundamentally flawed

  10. What a wonderful life you gave that dog, and she gave to you too; our dog died just 5 months short of her 15th birthday September last year and we still miss her.

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