Sunday, November 04, 2007


I was appalled to read The Guardian on line today and catch Climate Wars Threaten Billions when prior to that, over breakfast, I was reading Cold Rush, the Coming Fight for the Melting North in hard copy Harper's. As you have to subscribe to read Harper's on line, I'll sum the very long article up : There is a battle going on for access to the magnificent new trade route opened up by, yep, the Big Melt. Canada is trying to defend her rights to three coastlines now, rather than the two we've had. But when confronted by the neighbour down south has backed away with the plea (I'm again summing up here):

"OK.OK., alright, you can borrow it, but you're going to have to tell us about it before you use it, eh? When you remember, if it's not too much trouble, eh?"

Meanwhile Canada is patrolling the waters and trying to stay out of the way of the new warrior tourists who are busy venturing on to the lands that were formerly frozen tundra and icepacks.

My head hurts so bad after all this, that I go back to sit in front of the fire and work on my niece's Christmas gift.

I say to her a month ago: Would you like me to knit you something?
Yes, she says, knit me an afghan (lap blanket, couch throw, to those uninitiated to the finer arts of knitting stuff).
And how would you like it? I say.
Like all the colours of the waves on the ocean of Newfoundland, she says, every single one.
Righto, I say.
And here it is.


  1. Isn't it bizarre how few people are taking global warming seriously? Here in the UK airlines are increasing their routes all the time and the number of flights goes up and up. Aer Lingus and Ryanair have just set up new bases in Belfast, with lots more services. No wonder the glaciers and icecaps are melting so fast.

    The afghan's just beautiful. How come you're so multi-talented??

  2. I agree Nick, it is the classic scenario of Nero fiddling.I'll have to stop reading about it, it is making me ill. And people continue having babies too, with so many spares lying around and starving.
    Thanks for the afghan comment. I have a few talents, Nick, like the rest of us. I've been knitting since I was 6, taught by my father of all people...

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  4. There's a battle going on alright, between those who consider the planet more important than greed, and the greedy prepared to sacrifice our world for the sake of a quick buck. It is depressing. Thank goodness we still have creativity to lift us to higher levels. That looks a fine blanket.

    On another topic, I hope you received the second email I sent with details of the 'Bloglines' method of blogrolling. My server took time to send it, and one always wonders whether in such circumstances these things reach their destination.


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