Saturday, February 07, 2009

Grow up, America!

"Fidelity": Don't Divorce... from Courage Campaign on Vimeo.

The passing of Proposition 8 in California invalidates the formerly legal 18,000 marriages that took place prior to the passing of this outrageously regressive and discriminatory bill.

I defy anyone to watch this video and not cry for the innocent victims of the idiotic Fundy Filosofee backed by government charitable status tax breaks and most notably headed by the lying Mormon Church. One thing all these Fundy churches have in common is their enthusiastic participation in the World's Greatest Liar Contest. (Recent contestant: the denying of the holocaust by Il Papa. .)

These patriarchal guardians of all the world's wombs and their contents also conveniently disregard the innocent children of the unions of such partnerships in the selective amnesia of their outlandish cultish belief system.

Meanwhile, it's business as usual. None of the real issues of the day are fondled - poverty, homelessness, lack of health care, infant mortality, world's worst incarcerations, water and food crises and national bankruptcy.

But, as always, where one places one's naughty bits is a matter of top global priority.


  1. I'd like to know why these people are called "conservatives". What are they conserving?

  2. Family values, of course, 20!!
    Not yours and mine, naturally, but theirs.
    The Hollywood values of "Leave it to Beaver" where moms wore pearls to vacuum and dads can't be arsed to wash a dish.
    Let regression reign!!

  3. Grrrrr!!!!
    You know, WWW, I cannot understand how something carried out legally (marriage in this case) can later be invalidated. This does not sit well with the notion of justice.
    If they wish to change/amend a law affecting same sex couples in the present and future that's one thing (sadly) - but to make the new law retrospective is completely unjust! I cannot see how they get around that.

    If this happened every time a new law is passed there would be utter chaos.

    Surely some on-the-ball lawyer can oppose this retrospective injustice?

  4. I can only be very saddened by this prevailing attitude and their general right to get away with it. Their should be an indignant roar of injustice sounding across all of California. Are there not enough people who think this attitude is repressive and unjust? Are too many people sitting on the fence? Are not enough people up in arms? Where is the general public on this? Are they all keeping their noses clean?

    I think when faced with a majority of indignant people nobody would get away with this, so apparently, there is no majority. Somebody is taking advantage of that and scaremongering. Shame on him.

    I am so glad that I live where I do.

  5. Is there justice, though T?
    When torture and spying was made into law by the previous despot and now reversed (thankfully) by the current president.
    I don't pretend to understand the whimsical vagaries of so called 'law' in the U.S. Does anybody?

  6. Irene:
    I don't see why more people aren't up in arms about his. Particularly in California. Oops, I forgot, it's where The Terminator Ahnold reigns.
    I'm so glad also that I live in freedom from this kind of terrorism.

  7. i live in california, Northern California. if you don't live here or in this country even how can you possibly know the real issues facing us? the news media is sooo far left as to be near falling off the edge of the world. come live with us and then we can speak of the challenges within.
    or would you prefer we come to you, and that is where?

  8. Brighid:
    I would disagree that the news media is 'too far left?'.
    The real issues are in our faces every day and have been for a long time, and ignored by the main stream media.
    Deregulation, so called 'free trade', discriminatory policies, climate change, absence of health care, infant mortality, illegal invasions of sovereign countries, etc. etc., I could go on for pages.
    As to your last sentence, I don't understand - if you would clarify, please.

  9. the last line asks what country do you reside in?
    oh dear, i thought you knew, the main stream media is not us...
    i'm American and
    i'm more than a bit tired of the bash America gig.
    constructive help, answers, even (don't let the lightning bolt hit me) dialog is great, bring it on.
    the bashing does what?

  10. Brighid, what are the real issues facing you? That there are gay people who are committed to each other and their relationship? Why is NOT invalidating their marriages an issue?
    I would like to recommend you an awesome blog, it's called: The Sparrow Chat. It is especially wonderful and informative for the American people more than anything.
    Congrats on your new president Obama, I am sure you are as ecstatic as the rest of the world is.
    "come live with us and then we can speak of the challenges within.
    or would you prefer we come to you, and that is where?"
    That sounds more like a threat to me, the kind Bush would do.
    I am scared.

  11. It's up to the lawmakers whether a new law becomes retrospective or not. Clearly in this case they were vindictive and callous enough to backdate it.

    A very touching video. Just what are these fundamentalists so threatened by? People who love someone of the same sex? So what harm is that doing to anyone else, exactly? This hysterical and destructive interference in other people's lives seems like a mental disorder to me.

  12. Brighid:
    There are many, many good Americans, I meet them in my travels all the time. They are my friends.
    I do not bash.
    I state facts.
    Such as Proposition 8. In a so called enlightened 21st century in a country (the U.S.) where the word 'freedom' is spouted like a mantra and to such a degree that it is 'brought' to other sovereign countries by illegal invasion.
    Where, I ask, is the freedom for homosexuals if their legal marriages can be overturned on a whim?
    I live in Canada, where marriage between two consenting adults takes place. All consenting adults. And if you are coming here, there is a huge queue of immigration applicants. You should put your name on the list soon.

  13. I agree Nick. I don't understand how the laws can be so subjective, do you?
    I think a massive overhaul is needed. Even Wade vs Roe comes up for an overturn regularly.
    I'm hoping Mr. Obama brings more enlightenment and the changes long promised.

  14. sorry to have taken so long to get back to the hurang the rural, white, working two jobs to pay the taxes, American, discussion, but the chickens got out again, while I was hanging laundry, and starting dinner.
    I think it's wonderful that you can say what you will, guess that doesn't apply to me, without it upsetting the choir.

  15. Brighid,

    I live in the Netherlands where women marry women and men marry men and all of them can adopt children if they are deemed to be good parents.

    We have a tendency to think the best of people and believe in their best intentions. Everybody deserves equal changes and equal opportunities and all the help we can give them to get them if they need it.

    Kindness prevails still, thank goodness. Goodwill toward our fellow men and women.

    It's easy to do if you stop being so angry. Yes, you can come to my blog if you want to air your feelings of dislike. It is easy. Just follow the link.

  16. By the way, that should be 'chances' not 'changes.'

  17. You are welcome to say what you think but you can't then not expect someone to say what they think about that which you just have said. It's that simple. I don't have to agree with anyone, just to be polite and I am free to say what I think, and so are you Brighid. "Choir" ouch? No, not really.
    By the way, the recipe on your blog sounds delish. Will have to read more and see if there are any more recipes.

  18. Brighid:
    You can say anything you want, that's freedom of speech.
    My point in my post is that homosexuals have lost their freedom in California and I view that as appalling and regressive.
    I am saddened that discrimination still exists.
    I am saddened that you have to work so hard and long to keep yourself afloat.
    I do not understand why you view my post as 'bashing' you in any way.
    Did you vote for Proposition 8?

  19. fine tuned, i believe that we all should have the same rights, married or not, gay or straight, churchy or not, and respect each other.
    sounds like your country is way ahead of us.
    www: i think i was most troubled by the unending list of mistakes we've made with no constructive suggestions about how they might be rectified. we are living with way too much government, little healthcare, less water, and short grass.
    it seems as if the powers that be here have forgotten that love with respect, is the best parent, mentor, friend.

  20. ahhh gaudiumdegaea, i have been reading sparrow chat's rants from time to time, but thanks for the tip.
    happily i suggest:

  21. It is very inspiring to me when people who little stake in same-sex marriage to go out of their way to support the cause. Thanks!

  22. Rhea:
    As is said, the greatest crime is to remain silent when injustice and intolerance reign.


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