Monday, December 14, 2009


*Not to be confused with “GEEZER GLEE” - posts that celebrate awesome service and great stuff.

I remember the day when I could go to a movie and not be assaulted by non–stop commercials (I’ve timed this invasion of my senses over a few years and one such event topped out at 30 minutes including previews) for crap products. I.E. I’m paying the theatre to infest my brain.

I remember the day when I could buy a VCR tape (now DVD) and not have it littered with commercials for other crap movies they want to flog me. See above, I’m paying them to steal my time.

Hello? Small print on teeny tiny dooshy little bottles and boxes and labels - some even that are specifically elder products?

Telemarketing companies circumventing the “No Call List” by pretending they are “expanding” upon an existing product I may have.

Auto maintenance shops that insist I arrive at their premises at 7.30 a.m. after a 100km drive and even then can’t guarantee my car will be serviced that day and will not make an appointment, even though I’m a senior. Yeah, this senior is expected to drive 200km daily until serviced. I’ve counted four of them here in St. John’s who have that policy. Seriously.


  1. Ah, capitalism, always up to its little tricks, insinuating its unwanted products into your life whether you asked for them or not. I get so sick of gratuitous commercials and previews and even promos for the BBC news network. Jeez, just give me what I turned on for.

    The car service problem seems like the really serious one. Driving 100 km for a service that might or might not be available? That's crazy, I've never heard of such a thing in Britain. A shame you don't have some tame mechanic who can check out the car for you now and again.

  2. Oh great idea for a self-help book, Nick:
    "How to tame a mechanic in 5 easy steps".

  3. i am especially with you on the telemarketers. even when i say very clearly DO NOT CALL ME AGAIN, they continue to call. Gevalia coffee is the worst.

  4. I don't mind the ads. for movies and DVDs too much, but TV commercials drive me potty! Watching Howard Zinn's The People Speak the other night, they showed an ad for Yellow Tail wine - same ad at every commercial break...and there were lots of breaks. We almost threw in the towel! The show was sponsored by the wine company, but surely they could have managed to produce more than one silly commercial for their product.

    Your auto-maintenance situation sounds horrendous. If one of the firms suddenly got their act together and provided more caring service they'd clean up. I wonder why someone doesn't see that?

  5. What a great title. We have much the same problems here.

  6. A belated thank you for your comment at my blog WWW.

    I came across one of your movie reviews at IMDB of Elizabeth I starring Helen Mirren. Thoughtful and informative.

  7. My pet peeve is the packaging of OTC medicines like NyQuil. It takes nothing short of a jackhammer to get them open. And these are products aimed mainly at older people, who tend to suffer more from rheumy fingers and arthritis.

    Corporations - bah!


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