Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Solstice Everyone!

Winter Solstice

We’re tired of you, get out of here.
You’ve been hanging around too long.
Here’s a proper send off for ya.

You want a party? Here it is!
See, now I’m lighting the candles!
Why don’t you go and hide somewhere?

You ask me why? So’s to make room!
For she can’t live beside you, b’y.
You’re much too dark for her, ya know.

Ah g’wan b’y, sure we’ve had enough.
Of cold wet tears with you moanin’
Your sad and melancholy days.

Oh, here she comes, running, laughing,
Sequins on her dress, rainbow eyes,
Peeping over the solstice dawn.


  1. Very well done! You're such a poet. You say it so well in such wonderful simple yet delicate language and joyfully too. Indeed, here she is again.

  2. A lovely poem. I always rejoice on the winter solstice, I hate the dark and I can't wait for the days to get longer again.

  3. lovely lovely and a slow goodbye to all this dark.

  4. Just beautiful WWW!

    Solstice greetings to one and all!

  5. Oh yippee! Here's to longer days, sunshine and all that!

    (rain rain rain here on the mild but grey west coast)


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