Thursday, December 24, 2009

Top 25 Censored Stories of 2009

Here's 10, just for an appetizer:

1. US Congress Sells Out to Wall Street
2. US Schools are More Segregated Today than in the 1950s
3. Toxic Waste Behind Somali Pirates
4. Nuclear Waste Pools in North Carolina
5. Europe Blocks US Toxic Products
6. Lobbyists Buy Congress
7. Obama’s Military Appointments Have Corrupt Past
8. Bailed out Banks and America’s Wealthiest Cheat IRS Out of Billions
9. US Arms Used for War Crimes in Gaza
10. Ecuador Declares Foreign Debt Illegitimate

This is the link to the mains with details.

Are you surprised? Well, duh!

And I'm positive there are 100s more.


  1. The world was always thus, WWW. Why would it change just because it's our turn to live in it?

    So....Happy Christmas, peaceful heart, healthy body, a few chocs and a wee dram. xxx

  2. My sentiments are the same as Twilight's except make that two wee drams.


  3. Ah, news management. It gets more and more sophisticated as the politicians learn new ways of hiding things and misleading us. Thank goodness for all those relentless journos and bloggers who insist on looking under stones and probing into dark corners.


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