Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kiss of Death, That's Me.

I would add emergency sideswipes and hospitalizations to the above list.

My blogmeet with Annie was lovely. I dropped her off at a corner near her home. A short while later, she called 911 and is still in the hospital for cardiac assessment. Please send her all good thoughts.

Before my lunch with Tessa, her husband called to say she had a massive nosebleed that wouldn't stop and he was going to take her to the hospital.

Both are now well and being taken care of.

But I thought a T-Shirt imprinted with the above would be appropriate for me to wear on the plane going back to NL tomorrow.

PS And oh yeah, beware all you bloggers out there of blogmeets with wisewebwoman!


  1. Ha ha, I love it!

    But I would add that your injection of "Chaos, upheaval, injuries, disorder..." into my life was worth it, and all you other WWW fans should take the plunge too. Blogmeeting I mean, try to avoid the hospital/nosebleed thing.

  2. Oh Annie:
    So glad you're hotwired (but still tethered?) at the hospital.
    I will be keen to hear your pithy observations on med-life.
    Stay on the right side of life, my friend.
    And fingers crossed it's stupid heartburn. (Burn=firetruck).

  3. WWW, I love your posts and sorry I haven't been able to follow recently because of our satellite or modem problems. And I'd love to meet you even if was the last thing I ever did. What's basically wrong or is it right with both of us is that we think and I really appreciate your reading my blog.

  4. So if a plane lands and there are dozens of ambulances standing by, we'll all know that's the plane you were on....

  5. I think you're onto something with this, WWW. I had just opened my little purse puppy laptop and noted your email confirming our lunch date, when the blood started gushing. Hmmm. I think I might increase my life insurance before we try to meet again in April!

    Have a great flight home tomorrow. xo

  6. Ha ha! I didn't get to meet you either when you were in Dublin. At least I did not need the hospital.

    Have a safe journey home.

  7. I shall be sure to keep an ocean between us at all times.


  8. Sounds to me like you're just too much excitement for some people to handle!

  9. Luckily, I am not the least bit superstitious or I would never want to meet you.

  10. Blame it on the Full Moon, or Moon becoming full, WWW.


    Sympathies to your "victims".

    (In jest, I assure you. I'd brave the risk if given an opportunity). :-)

  11. @Karin:
    I would certainly wear garlic around my neck to meet with you!
    No, my plane would be fine, it's the one coming in to meet with me you'd have to worry about :^)
    Serious miraculous medals are called for, I think.
    Good lord, you got sick too, that's right. 3 and I'm out?
    We need to cast a poety spell, you first?
    Oh well said! I do like positive spins!
    Thank you my dear!
    Armed with a cross no doubt and some astro spells?


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