Monday, March 01, 2010

Blog Jam

Well for starters, I'm back in Newfoundland's stunningly warmish weather and a sort of Irish damp clutching at everything. Good to be home. Picked up Ansa at the kennel. I love the disbelieving look she throws my way when I first appear, she goes all rigid, her ears reach the ceiling and her eyes pop.

"You?" she says, "OMG! You? - I'd just about given up!" and then she leaps at me, trying to get to my face or any exposed piece of skin to lick it, yarping in joy. And then she smells me all over and I can see her nod: I.D. confirmed. Then it's a repeat of the leaping and yarping. It is almost worth going away just for this incredible display.

I have one family member who always seems to be in the trouble spots of the world just when trouble strikes: Argentina during the collapse, El Salvador in the midst of civil unrest and machine guns taking target practice at his house, and now Chile on the 14th floor of a hotel when the earthquake struck. We were all on tenterhooks until he connected once more on Blackberry to say that he was safe, he got out of the hotel before it shredded and is now staying with a colleague in a private residence until arrangements are made to get him out of there. I told him his entire 9 lives were now used up and STOP.SCARING.US.

I've finally joined the Ipod Brigade. I can't believe this little itsy bitsy teeny thingy can hold, like, 40,000 songs. Yeah, I'm really late to this particular party but I can hum them all.

And hey: Canada won the hockey. Yeah, we did. You should have been on the plane when it was announced. A party of forty instant friends singing the Canadian national anthem with the cabin crew conducting. You just had to be there.


  1. Must be good to get such a warm canine welcome! What a shame we can never explain to our pets that we're only going away for a little while and we're definitely coming back again....

  2. Stunning trip home: the gold win on the plane and the doggie welcome! Nothing like it, almost makes you want to do a repeat. Not too soon though.

    Welcome home, I'm going home too.

  3. Awww! Ansa will sleep easy again now. :-)

    When it comes to Ipods and such I'm retaining my amateur status.
    It took me years to gravitate to CDs from cassette tapes and LPs.
    I'll need to be dragged kicking an screaming any further I fear.

    Glad to read that your peripatetic relative is safe.

  4. I sure laughed out loud when I read the part about the celebration on the plane.

    I haven't really found a use for the iPod yet.

    You were right to yell at your relative.Those are some close calls.

  5. Nick:
    The worst part, you're right, is leaving her even though I use "I'll be back" which always calms her. But not me. LOL.
    I must nip over to your blog to see how your exit interview went!
    I'm a late convert also but I tell you there's no going back when I can set the musical programme for the day and those Bose speakers deliver such luscious sound! Beats CDs all to bits.
    If you're at all into music, wow is all I have to say!!
    Yes, he's safe now but very very shook, no pun intended.

  6. Welcome home! There's certainly nothing boring about your trips.

  7. RJA:
    You're right, at least this past one!

  8. gotta love those doggy kisses - it was fun to watch your little word movie of your return :)


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