Monday, March 29, 2010

An Internet Romance

As told by Woody.

It was just one of those things.

I was browsing the web over her shoulder as I’m forced to do, not even accorded the courtesy to surf alone as she thinks I lack the most basic web savvy. Ha! I’ll have news for her one of these days.

But I forget myself.

For there he was. Mr. Pinkie. To say my heart pounded as soon as I saw him is to understate the matter. I was entranced, fixated, bewitched (not to mention bothered and bewildered). My soul mate in the pink flesh, so to speak. A little fluffier than me, due to the respect he receives vs the rough handling I get from time to time.

So I exerted my usual mind control over her and then sat in front of the webcam and took the snap you see above to send to my, ahem, Darcy from his Lizzie, and write this post.

And now I await, breathlessly, his response. I just know I can help him with his self-esteem issues.

Just look at how assertive I am!


  1. I see your pink toy found love... hope it lasts, given it's long distance ... :)

  2. Mr Pinkie is very excited about Woody. He's been talking about her non-stop since he saw her picture. But he's very shy about making a move, he fears a rebuff. You can but try, I keep telling him. I'm sure he'll pluck up the courage eventually.

  3. Aha! I get it! (Clicking on "Mr. Pinkie" is the key!)

    Hmmm - Woody....Mr. Pinkie....LOL:!! :-D

  4. And I thought Woody was a boy!

    ;- )

    Hope Mr Pinkie has more luck with internet dating than I did!

  5. Awwww! Nothing like a pink and fluffy romance at Easter!


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