Monday, March 15, 2010

A Second Helping, Please.

That Blue Pie b’y, cut her up with a knife
And serve her on them white plates
With yer white napkins on the side of her.
Then slurp her down yer gullet hard and fast
And she’ll fix whatever ails ya.

Today, as the sun stays with us until nearly 8.00p.m., I take this picture from my porch and humbly write in praise of blue.

Spring, she has sprung.


  1. You´re lucky you have the sun for such a long time. Ah, you´re on summertime, of course! Still, that´s a good long time. I love it when the sun goes down late. I don´t care if it gets up early, though it will do that too, but the prolongation of the day, that is the real joy of it. I like to walk outside at 10:30 pm and still see what I´m doing. At what latitude are you, WWW? I´m at about 53 degrees.

  2. In two weeks time our clocks will spring forward and I look forward to the days stretching further!
    3°C right now but we are promised 10°C by afternoon. :D

  3. Looks like a beautiful place to live!

  4. what a beautiful view, we still have a lot of snow but it's melting slowly but surely

  5. Looking at your photo leads me to say that you have a good eye for what your camera will capture

  6. Not quite spring, surely. Where is the profusion of newly emerging flowers and foliage? Still looks like the last dying gasps of winter to me....

  7. Unusual words on "blue", WWW - evocative and rural, rough yet elegant.

    A great cure-all is blue - I agree. :-)

    Nice pic too!

  8. Yes, blue. My garden is full of blue hyacinths that I don't even remember planting, but they are an eye feast indeed.

    The picture on your previous post perfects the joke!

  9. Such a colourful, picturesque scene, WWW. Hard to sing the blues with blues like that around and overhead!

  10. @GSW:
    Yes Daylight Savings Time started on Sun morning at 2.
    We're at 47 latitude.
    We're already there, fortunately but not as warm as Belfast...
    Oh it is. Stunning.
    Ours is just about gone.
    Oh now stop your raining on my parade, lad!
    I can never, ever get used to all
    the blues here.
    I must get me some blue hyacinths. Stat.
    Yes, I've never seen blue like it.

  11. Oh, so you're at a lower latitude than I am. We should be having a long day pretty soon then when we have our summertime start. I think it is on the 21st, but I may be optimistically speaking. I long for it so. Even if it means getting out of bed an hour early. I am my own mistress, I will do as I please.


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