Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lost Leaf

I watch last year’s
Amber leaf travel
All by itself,

In from the bay.
Across the bridge,
Turning right by the

Bonfire pilings.
Then up onto
The hard stones

Skittering left.
Now straight across
The road changing

Its mind halfway.
Chicken? Back again
To pause

Looking left and right.
An obedient child.
Going home.


  1. Nice, clear image. It's a piece that I read over and enjoyed as much the second time as the first.

  2. A lovely description. I'm always fascinated by drifting leaves, following their meanderings as the wind blows them this way and that.

  3. Great imagery WWW!

    Am catching up on posts. Had to stop myself from licking the screen on the previous one. YUM!!

  4. What a lovely poem, WWW. It has the same delicate buoyancy as its subject. I think that wherever last year's amber leaf happens to be, there it is and there it's supposed to be.


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