Sunday, July 18, 2010

Car Mechanic of the Century - only in Newfoundland?

So I take my car to my fairly new (to me) mechanic first thing in the morning so he can assess the damage to my rim and tire.

The tire is hopeless - the sides are shredded. But he thinks he can hammer out the rim. Come back later in the afternoon.

Which I do. There were no tires in stock at his supplier so he drove to a Canadian Tire and picked one up, a good one. Cost him $64.95 plus tax and he shows me the bill.

And yes, it took a while but he was able to beat out the rim with a rubber hammer and it was as good as new.

So he installs the new tire and refurbished rim and tells me I'd lost the hubcap in the blowout but he would poke around the shed out back there and find me one, don't go out now and buy one, just drop by the next time you're passing and I'll have one for you. Free.

So he goes to his laptop and fiddles around and produces a bill for $80.00.

That's wrong, I say.

Too much? he asks.

Far too little, I say.

Well I charged you $3.00 for the disposal fee for the old tire and the taxes and the cost of the new tire so that comes to $80 in my reckoning.

No, you forgot the labour - you had to beat out the old rim and install the new tire and run around downtown to find a new tire plus your own mileage on top of that....

Ah no! I'm not charging you for any of that. You had enough stress with that blowout!

Now that's not right! I protest loudly.

Oh it is, it is! I can't take advantage of anyone's trouble. That's not my way of doing things, b'y.


  1. And that more than makes up for the minions of shady mechanics out there. Love this.

  2. I'm definitely heading to Newfoundland for my next blowout.

  3. A true Gentleman! Watch out, we ladies might all move to Newfoundland for service like that!

  4. Well at least your mechanics are more honourable than your handymen!

  5. Oh my! A treasure indeed! God love him! (If there is a God, and if there isn't we'll do it. :-)

  6. Fantastic. That's roughly what we were charged for a new tyre, but they didn't need to redo the rim or get a new hubcap. What a very ethical and altruistic guy.

  7. Oh my! You have found one in a million there!

  8. That fella is gold!! I hope ya gave him a nice cold beer or two.

  9. Amazing! That's almost exactly what happened to my wife and I a few years ago while holidaying in Scotland. The garage, way off the beaten track, was owned by an aging Highlander and his very mature son. They beat out the wheel rim, provided a new tyre, and I handed over ten pounds for their extensive trouble. When I broached the subject of labor charges with the old man, he said, "Aw, gi' the lad a drink for his time." It took me a moment to realize the 'lad' was his son, who must have been at least fifty!


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