Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bah, humbug

I'm not very good at dealing with rudeness and inconsideration. Particularly from the male species. I think about 75% of them live on a different planet and are emotionally stunted to an incredible degree.

But dichotomy: I also find I am more tolerant of rudeness in men than in women but not in the way you're thinking. More like: “What can you expect, they are so unevolved?” A stance I am not proud of.

On the times I've called them on their behaviour, they are puzzled, and become more rude and tell me I am making a mountain out of a molehill or I'm being a typical woman. Impasse for each of us. Deemed a waste of energy by me.

There have been more than a few instances of such ignorance lately and I remind myself I do know a few men who are respectful and listen and have more sensitivity than your average turnip. But for the most part, my inner cynic is constantly affirmed in her belief that men are smug in the privilege of their own unrecognized patriarchy.

And really do rule the world.

And what a f***ing awful mess it is.


  1. Yeah, so? :-)

    Guess it depends on what particular branch of the species you get to spend your time with. I find rudeness is nicely balanced between the girls AND the boys. It's part of the "me generation" thing.

    I was in a Shoppers Drug Mart store the other day to drop off a prescription and there are two places where you can do it. The pharmacy assistant went to the other spot and said to me "over here". I looked at her and said, "I don't think I heard you say please". She said it, but I got the dirtiest look I had all day. It probably helped that her boss was standing about three feet away.

    I spend a large part of my day working with professional women, many of whom are so self-important that I know they don't even consider me to be in their social class. Trust me, rudeness is a gift shared equally between women and men.

  2. Viewpoint has a point - I work with a great many women (teachers) and deal with a quantity of female students (rude by my standards) and they all have their moments. Having said that, I agree with you that many males are "smug in the privilege of their own unrecognized patriarchy," particularly our politicians!

    Turnips, lol

  3. I too know a few men who are respectful and listen and have more sensitivity than your average turnip. They all just happen to be gay.

  4. I know exactly what you are talking about. ExACTly. Well said.

  5. I really must respectfully remind you that the mess this world is in began with both a man and a woman.
    I'm referring to Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, of course. ;-)

  6. I have come across a real 'jumped up Johnnie' in the last month. I may well blog about it when my Jury Summons has passed.

  7. On the whole I think you're right, men are usually ruder and snottier than women. Even if women are a bit brusque, they generally stop short of outright rudeness. In most situations I'd rather deal with a woman than a man.

  8. I hardly ever disagree with you, dear WWW - but on this occasion I shall.

    I believe there are just as many obnoxious women on this planet as there are obnoxious men. It depends how lucky or unlucky one has been in one's encounters - with either gender.

    I do agree that the world's a mess, but it hasn't improved much since the inclusion of women in politics - I have to say. RJ has already named one who did more harm than a dozen men. ;-)

  9. To all:
    I should have been more specific, I fear.
    I am talking about men I interact with socially, not strangers, clients (with a few odd exceptions) or service people.
    I have been preached at and laughed at and patronized in the last while, whatever the topic.
    I do not get this treatement from women I interact with. At all.


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