Thursday, December 16, 2010


We're finding it hard not to gloat out here at the edge of the Atlantic. The weather is gorgeous, most days sunny, little cardigans or sweaters on us just for show. No hats yet.

The rest of Canada, just about, drowns in the white stuff or hellish, pounding, galey rain. A friend from New Brunswick phoned yesterday asking me to confirm that we haven't had any snow yet. He described floods and swollen rivers and we chatted about Ontario and the deep freeze and like, well, winter.

Work continues apace on the lovely writer's cabin, An Teachín, though we are held back a little by the absence of the French doors which were ordered three months ago.

So I present recent pictures which also shows off the weather here.

The covered porch is now on, as you can see. I was up there yesterday to test drive the incredible wraparound deck and found it difficult to tear myself away. I said to Gordon-The-Gift I might want to move right in. The cabin has been wired and tested for the solar panel which will be installed on the roof. The solar panel is adequate for the requirements which are minimal - few plugs and lights.

We are currently investigating composting toilets. If anyone out there can offer advice/suggestions/hints on this it would be appreciated.


  1. It's kind of hard not to hate you. We have had sleet and snow in Atlanta.

  2. I knew the demented weather victims would come crawling out of their frozen woodwork, LOL!
    I can't believe the weather in some places like Ireland and Florida!
    You can gloat in February!!!

  3. It's been cold here and we have some snow but hey, it's winter and time for such stuff. An Teachin looks so inviting. Good thing I am far away and won't be booking time there - you'd have to drag me back out with mules ;)

  4. I am back in icing sugar land again! An Teachin is coming on well.

  5. You cabin is starting to look great. I think maybe it's time to book space.

    Here we have several inches of snow. It's not bad and kind of pretty. There may be more today. Your weather sounds great.

  6. The weather here is vicious. Another major snowfall last night. How come you're immune from the climatic nightmare? The cabin looks wonderful, it'll be a great place to retreat to and think great thoughts. Or just admire the view.

  7. An Teachin looks just gorgeous - I can only imagine what it must be like to be able to stand on the decking and look out over those trees.

    I suppose I shouldn't really talk about the roses being out and my tomatoes ripening down here at the bottom of the world? I think I might get a barrage of snowballs from those in the northern hemisphere... ;-)

    Seriously, though, I hope that everyone stays safe and warm this winter - the photos I've seen and the tales I've heard from folks back home are very scary.

  8. Isn't that unusual for Newfoundland in December? If not, then I'm moving.
    Here in northern NH it is cold with no snow. Though we might get a storm this weekend in time to make it look like Christmas.

  9. Gordon-the-Gift is playing a blinder there WWW!

    I saw our first (few) snowflakes this morning, here in Southwest Oklahoma. Temp only 37F mid-afternoon. On Wednesday afternoon though it was more than 30 degrees higher.

  10. What a gorgeous setting. It will be such a lovely place to be, in any weather.


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