Thursday, December 09, 2010


Relentless. This day. Her birthday.

It rolls around every year. And every year it is the same. My younger daughter is still out there. Estranged from her entire family. Living in Europe. Happy, I hope.

I never get used to it.

Happy birthday, darling.


  1. we had one of those and just restored the relationship to most of the family.
    keep trying.

  2. One day you'll be reunited, I'm sure. One day she will feel the urge to contact you again.

  3. It's too awful to contemplate. I'm sorry for you and hope that one day it will be okay again.

  4. my heart hurts for you. I guess, though, that we all need to remember they aren't really ours anyway.

  5. In common with the first commenter, my husband had "one of those", too, and in their case the breach has been healed at last.

    Don't ever give up hope, WWW.
    Big hug. x

  6. Families are wonderful things except when they aren't. I've been on both sides of that heartache at different times and it is hard.

    When I was estranged from one of my sons I kind of forced his hand by calling the cops. They were remarkably discreet about it, they didn't actually tell me his contact info but did tell me he was OK and gave me a way to try to open a line of communication. It was a slow process, but eventually he contacted another member of the family and the barriers proceeded to tumble.

    When the roles were reversed, my mother had to tell me she was dying of cancer before I saw the folly of my ways. I sincerely hope your daughter is more sensible than I was.

  7. Keep the hope going and you never know the day. I hope it will be soon. Hugs.

  8. Thank you all. What would I do without my blog-bud world?

  9. My dear, this must hurt like hell. I often hear tales of fractured families and yet somehow people find the strength to endure, no matter what, and to find their own way of living their lives. I hope this festive season can be happy for you WWW. Sending hugs and some homemade scones just in case.

  10. I can only imagine how you feel and that alone makes my heart ache. What can mother's do but keep the faith? I hope some day this resolves in a way that makes you both happy.


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