Saturday, September 15, 2012

Precious Aunt

Beloved Kit.

Oh sweet darling woman.

And I at your wedding so very long ago

Where the granddad sang

And my brother was stowed in a drawer

And you wore the softest of blues

Which tugged out your eyes

That sparkled and shone

For him. And all of us.

And you stood firm

And proud and strong

As you ran a business

And bore six children.

And stood stalwart

Like an icon for the

Rest of us girls

In our endless family.

And after all that you played

Bridge and golf

Up to your nineties

And shone some more

Like a beacon for the old.

With your nails always painted

And hair just so

And your clothes so glamourous.

And then, the bottom fell out.

Your youngest died his neverending

Death from cancer. And overnight

Your mind snapped shut.

And I saw the shell last week

Of what you had become.

Your smile intact, his name deleted.

From your thoughts, your life.

Only the names of those others

Long dead and gone, are now alive.

Your mother, my mother

Your husband, your father.

I miss you.


  1. Gosh, You look so like Your aunt.

    This ageing is a curse and not for wimps.

  2. The days are long, but life is short.

  3. so beautifully crafted, so heart-tuggingly sad

  4. Something is bound to happen in the end. it's what you make of it before then that counts.

    I have caught up with you since the post when you announced your departure. Congratulations on your success, a very enjoyable trip, a happy family reunion and some splendid impressions to collect into a bundle of happy memories.

    Sorry about your old friends' spoiling the atmosphere. Best not to talk politics; you could always drop them now, but that would be very drastic and cause bad feelings. The bad taste in your mouth you'll have to live with.

  5. GM:
    The older I get the more I look like my father they tell me and photos bear this out.
    To look like my mother's side of the family would please me greatly!

  6. I like that Moe but I would add that the days are far too short the longer the life.

  7. Nothing as powerful as carpe diem in our lives, Betty!

  8. What a cruel blow - to lose an offspring - at any time of life, and doubly hard when the parent is advanced in years and fragile.

    Your beautiful and sensitive words would surely ease her pain if she could see and understand them, WWW.

  9. T:
    Thanks for your lovely comment, I hope she is at peace, she seems docile and full of smiles.


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