Sunday, October 21, 2012


Topsail Beach, yesterday. October!!!
I arrived home last night to a lineup of phone messages. One friend has been trying to get hold of me for days. A lot has been happening in her family of origin in Dublin, illness, shifts in care for an elderly mother, family dynamics excluding her periodically ("the emigrant").

One can lose sight of our dreams when troubles like these invade. Her dreams have been on hold for a while. I fear they might be buried. Avalanches of concern can take over our lives if we allow them to. And often there is nothing we can do about any of it. But still, it clogs up the arteries of existence, makes it all a trial. I heard her out. It took a while. We remain stagnant in such situations. Life comes to a halt. Daily life is a trudgery of a drudgery. Our imaginations park at the stop signs. She mentioned anniversaries of the friends that have passed before us. And another friend of hers who has 6 brain tumours mestastasised from the lungs (yeah, a life-long smoker). Life does become this when we are burdened. Death nodding at us from every dark corner.

She wound down and asked me about my life, Ireland, the time with the family in West Cork. Before, I would have toned it down a little. To fit in with her bleak landscape. But I didn't. My end of the conversation was celebratory, seizing the days past and present, wringing the juice out of life, affirming my decision to say goodbye to the day job, telling her that if it didn't work out financially, bankruptcy was always an option, even at my age, so maybe the poor house would loom, but you know, the Hemlock Society is a definite possibility if that happened. Meanwhile I would do my very best to work as a full-time writer with no distractions at all. I have many cans of tuna in my cupboard and a freezer full of berries and homemade soups and stews.

Yeah, she responded, the time is now. Everything else is a distraction. I feel a bit better. I need to get on with my own dreams.

And last night? I dreamed of a baby, swaddled in handknit blankets who had been given in to my care. And I showed this tiny baby the world. Wow!

And this may be the last post for a week or so. I am heading off to a Writers' Conference. Just like a real writer.

I still can't believe it. Keep your fingers crossed for me. And yeah, I'll be reading publicly. And yeah, I'm working one on one with a world famous writer.

And finally - don't be one of the 99% who die with their music locked within them. Take the first tiny step today.

Start with The Dream Book.


  1. Waddya mean "Just like a real writer", WWW? You are on a level with the best of 'em and don't you forget it!

    Have a great time!

  2. Good for you! Enjoy the writer's conference!

  3. "don't be one of the 99% who die with their music locked within them. Take the first tiny step today."

    Well after reading that I burst into singing the Old Gray Mare Ain't what She Use to Be.Then I took a tiny step behind a door to avoid mayhem.

  4. It's very easy to put your dreams on hold for any number of plausible-sounding reasons. And then one day you find you've pursued none of them. As you say, if nothing else, just take the first tiny step....

  5. Oh and I meant to say, best of luck at the writers' conference. Especially working with a world famous writer, that should be inspiring indeed.

  6. Oh do have fun and then do report back. I've never attended a writer's conference though I've attended and taught at workshops. I'll be in line to buy your book when it's ready!

  7. What a beautiful message and one I needed just now. That's what writing does for people. It brings them a message when they most need it.

  8. Great advice, WWW. If you don't live your dream nobody'll live it for you. Go girl!

  9. I have just returned from a two week vacation during which I caught up with old friends and relatives who I had not seen in decades. It was a grand time that I had but seeing the so called 'progress' that those two cities have made since my stay there, I started to dream of going back to my sleepy laid back little neighbourhood. Now that I am back, I am dreaming of a new and more laid back life style and have already started the process of winding down and simplifying my life.

    Yes, I have taken the first steps already.


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