Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Peace Bench

Cupids, NL. Yesterday.
If I could bring you all together. And you all could take turns sitting on this bench.

Yes,  I know it would take a long time.

But it would be worth it.

And then I would tell you to cast your eyes outward and tell me what you see.

And tell me what you hear.

And tell me your hopes and your dreams that didn't involve possession or theft or anger or self-righteousness or hurting anyone else. 

We could put an end to all of it now, couldn't we?


  1. That's a lovely spot. It would be worth it, yes. But unfortunately there will be those who interpret "put an end to all of it" somewhat differently.

  2. Yes, indeed, if only all those intent on waging war against each other could just sit quietly together on a peace bench. If only....

  3. Not so much a comment as a question that I ask myself.
    What is it about being in water,sitting on a bench looking at water that brings on a feeling of peacefulness unfailingly?

  4. Far away the same waves you see will eventually wash up on my shores in Orkney. On a pebbly beach hopes and dreams of peace, truth and light will once more be sent across the ocean - and there may just be nothing to prevent a power of tremendous proportions.

  5. That'd work, WWW, and especially on your "denim days".

  6. Peacefulness would come to anybody's mind who sat there but maybe they would refuse to because of that. Some people are determined to wage war. It's in their nature.

  7. Stan:
    Oh I hope not!

    Yes I can see it clearly.

    Imagine. As per John Lennon

    Yes. Every. Single. Time.

    Starting with us!

    Join us!

    Welcome M-W - I hope you stick around us!

    Ah yes, the denim days would be essential.

    Driven by the big old military-industrial machine and our tax dollars. But one never knows. It has never been the answer.


  8. OWJ:
    Yes you were in the spam bucket again. The disrespect! But you are welcome to sit on the bench!!

  9. Oh so true! Reminds me of benches where I've sat along the Pacific totally absorbed by the peaceful atmosphere, mesmerized by an occasionally surfacing whale.

  10. I'm in! And you can come to our shores and see the same seas lapping on the coastline of New Zealand.

    If only everyone could get the same sense of peace from sitting by the water and looking out at the waves.


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