Monday, December 31, 2012


Well, I get to use my avatar again. I rather like it. I made a card with a poem about it at one stage. More like a story poem. Sad it was, so I won't reprint it here on New Year's Eve.

Best times I had on past New Year Eves were the little dinner parties I'd throw for strays such as myself. We'd play music and talk the hind legs off donkeys while feasting on each others' potlucks. Best kind. Now I have my Nollaig na Mban which is next Sunday January 6th. So to run another stray dinner party would be too much for me, I'm afraid. Too much for most people.

I tried the dances and the fireworks (only good with kids in tow)and coupleystuffs. but now choose to spend it alone. Just being with myself. I'm never bored with her. And it's a relief to create that boundary and not bustle out to please others.

It was a good year for me, 2012. So many performances of my play including the run in St. John's, and the big trip to Ireland to present it to my people, family and friends. Everything about it took much of my time but it was all such fun. Even today the cast and I pinch ourselves and say: Did that really happen? Really? Wow!

And seeing my precious birth family and just hanging out, particularly with the newer members. Who remind us all of how precious our time here is.

And the Writer's Conference in October where I got all fired up again. And Grandgirl's annual trek out here where she got to spend a weekend with the cast and crew and see the play. And Daughter's trip out here last May along with one of my closest friends to see the St. John's performances. And two other trips by Daughter.

These in themselves are wonderful but I get the greatest pleasure from my loved ones partipating and taking such joy in sharing the experiences.

What do I wish for 2013 - it's not a very pleasant sounding year is it? I think the 13 throws me off. I'm staying in the moment even though all politicians have shown their true colours as never before.

Canada has been sold to China behind our backs. We have a First Nations Chief on hunger strike (Day 17,today I believe) at the base of our parliament buildings until the prime minister meets with her to discuss the trashing of our environment and the breaching of all native treaties. And on. Too many issues. We are all in oligarchies. Democracy has always been a dream.

We all need to fasten our seatbelts and as I said before: Plant. Shop locally. Turn off main stream media. They are bought and paid for by the very corporations that are hurting you in the name of obscene taxless profits. Stop subsidizing all of them!

And remember: if your grandparents didn't eat it, try not to!!

Athbhliain faoi mhaise dhuit! = Happy New Year!

Without you, this blog would only exist in a void. So I thank you all for your wonderful kindness, it's such a pleasure meeting such kindred spirits!


  1. Thank you for interesting and inspiring posts. Always a pleasure. Happy new year.

  2. The very best to you for the new year. Take a look at my blog (Marc Leavitt's Blog) for a poem I posted today. I think you'll like it.

  3. Wishing you peace in 2013 WWW .....& I'll go along with Judith Crist:

    Happiness is too many things these days for anyone to wish it on anyone lightly. So let's just wish each other a bile-less New Year and leave it at that.


  4. I'll wish you a healthy New Year with more adventures and laughter. It was a hi-light to meet you in the real world a few months ago.
    Stay well.

  5. Your sharing
    never disappoints me.
    We live oceans apart
    but find such a connection with you:)
    Like you
    I am never bored with myself.
    So, myself and I will welcome in
    the New Year.
    Best of everything in life to you
    and keep writing
    because you inspire and encourage me.
    Love from across the ocean...

  6. I think 2013 will be a good year, but I speak out of my natural streak of optimism because I believe that with time we all get wiser and more sensible. It does help to take on the responsibility that comes with being a citizen of this fine earth. We all have to think across the boundaries of our immediate surroundings. I do have to add that I have a lot of faith in the generation that comes after me and the one after that. I do stubbornly hold on to my believe in them to set the world right.

    I wish you all the best for the new year and hope you will be filled with fictional inspiration. I know it is where your heart lies. xox

  7. I look forward to reading your posts throughout 2013. Blessings to you.

  8. Always a pleasure reading your blog. A very content, productive and relaxing 2013 to you. My thoughts are with the Chief and wondering why the PM won't get his butt down to meet with her. But as you say too many issues ...

  9. I have loved following your life these years, and look forward to the next. Wishing you the very best!

  10. We have had a great year, too, with another grandchild arriving, a trip to Peru and other joys.
    Best to you in the New Year. We'll make it a good one, wait and see.

  11. That was a lovely post.
    I think you are right about 2013 not sounding very nice. However, it is only a number, as my daughter would say.
    Happy New Year.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  12. Counting joys is always good. I list discovery of your blog as one of mine. Happy New Year WWW!

  13. It's been some years since I went to a New Year's party of any sort. I spent this New Year's Eve with my kids, and enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I'm thinking it was probably not a bad way for the year to start for me.

    Best to you in the New Year!

  14. This is what I would have sung for you had I been there on new year' eve.

    May be, for the next one! Who knows?

  15. Thanks my dear blogfriends, your words have me blushing.....

    Yes, it was a very good year, let's all make this one even better!!!


  16. Hope you have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year! I've become quite comfortable through the years with quiet New Years Eves and actually preferred them on those occasions.

  17. Let me belatedly add my New Year best wishes to you and thank you again for your wonderful blog.

    Am sharing your enthusiasm for the Anita Shreve books you've highlighted - such sensitive writing. Currently enjoying Stephanie Barron's books using Jane Austen has her sleuth protagonist - language, culture, mores etc. as true as can be for Georgian England: very entertaining and gentle.

    Am going to take a leaf out of your book and list my 2012 good reads. Hope you don't mind.


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