Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Shut up Clint!

I bring you Clint Eastwood SINGING "I talk to the trees". Who'da thunk it? I came up with this version after an effortless Google for the song.

And why, pray tell, do I bring you this?

This song has never stopped irritating me since it was released in 1951 or thereabouts. it's from "Paint Your Wagon" a musical from that era. I do have a video of it kicking around in my overly vast and OCD movie collection. I think I stopped watching it when ol' Clint came on and sang his song. To add to my outrage, it became a party piece in Ireland back in the day and I'd grind my teeth at the lyrics as some oul fellah got up at a wedding or party and bawled it out. Part of me wanted to fall down and laugh myself into a coma imagining the kind of talk old Paddy would give to a tree.

I should add the melody I can tolerate in an instrumental rendition but, please, hold those words.

Why do I dislike it so much? I could never nail the reason until recently. I walk a lot. And the many areas where I walk have a lot of trees. And I don't do earbuds. I like to listen to the many sounds of nature. The sea, the birds, the many animals darting around and the trees. The trees.

Seems like Clint got it all wrong. He shouldn't have been talking to the trees.

He should have listened as the trees talked to him.


  1. Here's your pal. I am a nature listener too!

  2. Oh we'd have some lovely walks. Maybe next autumn? It would be great to see you again!!

  3. Well, huh! He has a halfway decent voice. The words are pretty awful, though. No wonder the trees don't listen to that twaddle. I'm with you - when we're quiet in nature, it speaks volumes to us.

  4. Clint Eastwood. I am NOT a fan. And although he doesn't do an awful job with the song, it is a very sily one.

  5. Clint in that movie did not move me as Lee Marvin did with the song I was born under a wandering star. I listen too. Poor Clint, may be he does not have anyone who will listen to him.

  6. These days he talks to chairs, empty ones. Apparently *they* don't listen either! lol

  7. Dreadful movie; terrible music; can't stand Eastwood, singing or mute. Give me the trees any day.

  8. I only know this song from the Goons - Eccles comes on singing "I talked to the trees.... That's why they put me away...!"

    One of my favourite ways to relax (when I get a moment...) is to walk amongst the bush by myself - the whole of nature talks to you and all you have to do is listen.


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