Sunday, August 17, 2014


I see a meme being tossed around on FB of three things to be grateful for for 5 days and then roping in 3 more friends to do the same.

It's interesting reading these lists and I become mindful of all I have to be grateful for.

I'm making lists at the moment. A few lists.

List #1.
Packing: For my trip to the Oul Sod. Keeping it lighter, keeping it useful. I'm good at packing. I never, like some of my friends, pack anything I don't wear or use. Everything's interchangeable with another item. I gave up dresses and skirts a while back so clothes are simple. Dress pants, cargo pants, jeans. A few tops. A cardie. A rain jacket. A few pairs of socks. Undies. Scarves. I've always loved scarves, they can dress up sombre (blacks, neutrals) like nothing else. I struggled with the EReader again. For the last time. No. Back to paper. Pack 2 books, buy another or two when I'm there. Knitting? Maybe.
List #2.
The Dog List: For when I'm away: Ansa's foods, the way it's fixed in the morning, her baby aspirin for her arthritis, her carry-kit for the car (leash, water, flask, doggie bags), her commands (example: she only comes down the stairs with verbal permission, the poor baby could be stuck up there all day if not given permission to come down), etc.
List #3.
Gratitude. (1)So many well-wishers pouring forth lovely thoughts for my birthday yesterday. I was quite overwhelmed.
(2)A day with Daughter who arrived early with baked goodies and crops from her garden (she has this strange farming gene)with the gift of a day with her, wandering where the wind took us with brunch and a seafood dinner thrown into the mix. And a walk by the ocean afterwards.
(3)Lady Day (August 15th)in Newfoundland arrived two days ago. On the Newfoundland calendar this is the start of fall. Summer here is a quick blast of heat, incredible growth spurts in vegetation in a matter of weeks, and the longest autumn - often running 4 months. I just love it. My favourite season. For many reasons.
And Bonus:
(4) Each day I wake up to in reasonable and joyful good health.


  1. I've never made a list in my life, with the results of:
    I once got to a conference where I was to speak and found I had no dress shoes, and wore sneakers with my suit.
    I drove 3 hours to fish and discovered I left my rod at home.
    I gathered all the ingredients for a rib roast, and found I'd forgotten the roast.
    Happy belated birthday, and enjoy your trip.

  2. Gosh SFM if I didn't make lists, I'd arrive at the airport naked and ticketless.


  3. Happy Belated Birthday!

  4. Just caught up with the fact that it was your birthday. It sounds like you had the perfect one and I hope you have many more days and birthdays like that.

    Besos. Pxxx

  5. I could do nothing without
    my list.
    They are everywhere
    desk in bedroom
    desk with computer
    list in kitchen
    Starting back online
    and Happy Birthday
    did you share about it somewhere.
    What you take traveling
    is the way I dress all the time
    Special blessing and good luck
    special online friend
    as life continues...

  6. Oooh, that four months of fall does sound nice. I would prefer four months of spring, but fall has lovely light and all the golden colors to go with the golden light. Nice.

  7. I am sorry to have missed sending felicitations on your birthday. It sounds as though your gifts were the perfect ones. A visit from any of my children is a treasure.

    Safe travels!


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